Are Series 2 factory rear springs all the same length?

It’s been 2 years since I reassembled my IRS with new shocks. I have this vague recollection that two of the springs were slightly longer than the other two. Unfortunately I never marked them and randomly reinstalled thinking it made no difference.
Yesterday after filling the gas tank I noted that the left side of the car sits lower than the right. It’s a left hand drive car, so the driver, battery and gas tank are all on the left. I still need to jack (properly) under the center of the picture frame to see if the rear sits level, in this way I can determine if it’s a front and/or rear problem. I have made one ride height adjustment on the front torsion bars. It was a bit high, so I lowered only the right a bit. Front now sits at a good height, just lower on the left.

I recently removed all of my S1.5 rear shocks and labeled each, concerned about varying lengths. I believe they are the stock springs and they ultimately all measured the same length.


Bill, Coil springs have a pretty wide tolerance on free length. I think I had two that were 3/8 in longer. I put one on each side. It sounds like you’re headed in the right direction by separating the front and rear. Maybe also just jack up the rear and see if you can locate the problem in the front. Enjoy

IME all E Types come to sit low on the left side - typically by 1/8 to 1/4 inch. I set my suspension at 1/4" higher on the left, front and rear, so it looks higher when empty of me.
In trying to figure out a setting problem it’s helpful to think of the car as a 4 legged table, and understand that anything you do to any single spring (leg) affects the other 3.

Even after the installation of new springs, my car was a fraction lower on the left side. Front torsion bars set even and measured the same left to right. Car now sits level by adjusting Gaz adjustable platforms.

All four should be c25939. When new, free lengths would have been identical. I suspect that they become distorted over many years of use, or maybe a couple were replaced over the years.

Good to know. Are the front torsion bars handed? I simply put them back where I found them, the PO could have gotten them mixed up.

Mechanically, they are the same left and right, but they develop a permanent set after they are loaded. The factory had different part numbers L & R, which may have meant they were prestressed, or maybe they had a different colored paint spot to make sure they weren’t accidentally swapped. They don’t take well to reversing stress, so if you mixed them up, you may have to replace them down the road.

Yes they are.