Are there any other options for page display?

In this new incarnation of the forum I no longer have a preview post window when composing and all posts in a thread show a horizontal scroll bar, even when there is no scroll-able content. Is there a way to format the forum differently?

Desktop machine (Firefox 108.0)

My setup looks exactly like it’s always done. Can you post a screen shot?

In my case there is one difference. The burger as you once called it, has moved from the top right corner where it resided with the spy glass and avatar to the top left corner all alone this time, . All else appears unchanged.
PC and Firefox

The reply window appears on screen centre bottom with no preview.
here’s the main shot of screen

here’s a typical response window.

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Is that on a desktop computer? I ask, because it looks exactly like it does on my iPhone. You have the “Upload picture” and “Preview post” icons in the lower right corner of the reply pop-up. That’s how it looks on my phone, but not on my desktop.

FYI, no need to do that anymore, I changed the minimum number of characters in a reply from 20 down to 10.

Yes, it’s my desktop. So I guess it’s running in phone mode for some reason? Is there an option to switch to desktop mode? I appeared like this after I logged in after 2 weeks logged out.

Each time I logged out the page defaulted to and even if I switched it to =2 it flipped back to =1 so I deleted the jag-lovers cookies. Next time I logged in, the login page was different and it led me to the page display that seems more normal and my ability to preview my posts has returned.
As was mentioned earlier in this thread by another user, the hamburger has moved to the upper left corner and clicking on it either displays the sidebar or hides it.

Good job on clearing the cookies!

And yes, the hamburger menu move to the left came with an update to the forum software.

What do those two buttons do on the bottom right of your reply window? On mine, windows/firefox there are sideways chevrons which, when clicked, toggle between displaying a preview pane, and no preview pane.

In the phone version I had previously, the two chevrons didn’t appear.

In the phone version, the icon placements are different. For whatever reason, this version was displayed in Ronald’s desktop Firefox browser.

I assume the screen in the lower right is “full screen”. What does the up arrow button next to it do?

I misunderstood your question. Clicking the other up arrow in the phone version opens a folder so you can attach something and upload it. So basically it’s an upload item icon.