Are you still driving your jag or is it put away for winter

Here In Minnesota it’s been Hi 50,s and 60s perfect weather . Just got back from a nice cruise . Gonna get cold next week though

I can keep driving until they salt the roads. When it’s cold, I just wear more.


Same for me too. I’ll drive the jag until the salt comes out.

My Jag (engine) is down for winter: only becuz the Jeep has:

  • no top
  • no windows
  • no heat
    -no wipers

But, I’ll fire it up every 6 weeks or so!

don’t mind cold-but salt is the enemy…once out driving is done til a few good spring rains. But I try not to drive in wet either–once it is cold and damp and underside can’t dry out in the high cold humidity. I have other —fun cars to drive for a while so the Jaguar is now hibernating. Tire press put up 5 lb, anti freezed checked, storage additive in fuel, battery disconnect (charge once in a while)…leather preservative on seats, covered up.


It’s been in the 60s here in Colorado as well. I had the car out yesterday for a drive, and even though we have had a couple small snowfalls there isn’t salt or noticeable gravel on the roads yet. Once the gravel and salt come out, the Jag stays in the garage on trickle charge and gets started and warmed up every 3 weeks or so.

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The winter weather here in our new home in the northwest corner of South Carolina is pretty mild and I am able to drive all three of our Jaguars all year long. About a week ago I drove my 1969 E-Type FHC on a 250 mile drive with the local Foothills British Car Club that included sections along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here is a picture from that trip.

I just got my E-Type heater box parts back from being powder coated so I won’t be doing any driving when the temperatures drop until I reinstall the heater and get it working properly again. For colder weather I will drive our 1990 V12 Vanden Plas saloon or 1990 XJ-S convertible.



Here in Niagara, Canada, I’ll drive the E until there’s salt on the roads, sometime in December normally. Then back on the road mid-March after a few Spring rains wash it all off again. The 120’s sidelined till spring, but only because I’ve got the head off for new valves and guides. Removing the original Bricos and Installing a set of Mahle pistons while I’m at it. Also, the heater matrix leaks so had it bypassed. I removed it yesterday and attempted without success to fix the leak. Now reinstalled with the pipes stoppered up with epoxy. Considered buying and installing a new heater matrix but demurred - I’m not about to pay north of $500 for something I will probably never use.

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But…But…But what if the Concourse judges figure out you did that :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Where I live in South Australia summer temperatures commonly get to mid 40’s, so we tend to drive a lot more in winter.

I drive mine year round, but not in snow.

Living in the US South means I can drive pretty much year round, but, not in rain or other inclement weather.

I.m in east central Florida so I get to drive year round only rule is don’t drive if it’s raining when you are leaving.


I am replacing my clutch master cylinder right now. In the rainy northwest, winter time we do get some clear sunny weather so I will drive it when I can. Not good to let them set.

The authorities who are responsible for gritting our roads have yet to to spread any yet. But after taking a regular journey yesterday I noted that the residents of one village have taken it upon themselves to grit one road, despite the temperature hovering around 10c (50f). This weekend my E will be raised up onto its axle stands, wheels off to prevent flat spots in the tyres, and the long process of winter cleaning and rust prevention will begin.

In previous years I have kept driving until year end, once venturing out on New Year’s Day. Only once, and probably not this time.

I’m in Daytona Beach area in Florida, so I get to drive the Jags all year. Just had the 67 roadster out for a ride last week.

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Mine is the opposite, being an un-restored non-AC FHC it does not see much action in the Houston summers. With as much heat as is generated through the floor and firewall even early morning drives are quite steamy when you add in the Houston humidity.

68 E-type FHC

One salting about three weeks ago, in Northern Ontario means the car is in for the winter! Damn! The weather has been pretty good off and on otherwise since then, thankfully!

Whereabouts in Northern Ontario, Frank?

When I lived east of Timmins the E-type was put into hibernation in mid October and didn’t come out till the end of April, sometimes into May.

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There was a jag shop in Orange ville that I visited a few times when I lived in Burlington he had a barn full of parts and did restoration work can’t think of his name I’m sure you know of him :thinking: