Are you still driving your jag or is it put away for winter

Can’t say I do, Jim. @Robert_Laughton maintains a long list of Jaguar contacts in Southern Ontario - maybe he has the name.

had some freezing fog last week–the roads were sprayed with liquid de-icer…thus the end—unless some significant rains–and a clear spell…but it is time…

Hey Nick, I’m in Sault Ste. Marie. It’s unfortunate about the one small salting because we’ve had some nice weather since then. I’ve always driven my cars until I absolutely can’t anymore (rain, salt) which is usually, yes, mid-late October until April or May!

Jim, would that’ve been Ken Mason?

Always liked the Soo, and visited often when we still had family there. All passed on now, though. I bought my XK120 from a guy in Sault Ste. Marie, who bought it from a guy in the other Sault across the border. That was over 32 years ago.

Thanks Nick, it is a nice area. Did you buy the 120 from a guy named Peter?

That would be a qualified “yes”. He bought it from a guy named Bob Truman on the US side, who acquired it around 1970 as part of an estate sale. He then partially disassembled the car and had it tanked in Grand Rapids, and then didn’t proceed. Peter then sold the car to a Toronto collector named Glen Pearce with an understanding that he would restore it for him. But Pearce ran into some financial difficulties and put the 120 up for sale. That was in late summer 1991. The car, in its various components, was still stored in Peter’s barn. When I bought the car I contracted with Peter to restore the frame and the steel parts of the body while I took the drive train, suspension, interior and the aluminum body parts - doors, bonnet and boot lid - home with me to restore. That was a mistake because, as you know, you really need to have the hinged panels attached when you do the bodywork. So, the frame turned out very well but not so the bodywork. It looked ok, but none of fit together - that’s putting it charitably. I had to undo almost all of it. Took me 30 years to get the car back on the road.


I’ve known Peter all my life, he was a friend of my Dad, who was the British car mechanic in the “Soo” since the mid 50’s. Your car was the Pastel Green originaly, with the Suede Green interior and, I forget the colour of the colour keyed wheels now? I remember when he had that car, if that’s the one you have. BTW, I still go see him and see him out and about once in awhile. Getting up there now!

Yes, that’s the one. Pastel Green didn’t appeal so I sprayed the car BRG. The Suede Green interior was shot so I replaced it with a complete kit in black. The BRG/Black colour scheme matches my E-type’s, which was the factory combo. The wire wheels weren’t colour keyed but silver, now OEW, shod with NOS but stale dated Dunlop Road Speed tyres and hanging up on my garage wall as art. I had intended to repaint the car OEW and did up the wheels ahead of time to match. Changed my mind. Replaced them with new chromed items from MWS. Say hello to Peter when you see him next. If he has more information on the history of the car I”d be happy to have it.


Looks great! I will when I see him.

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Ya that’s the guy I think he went out of business years ago but don’t know anything for sure
Ken Mason

This Friday had a nice drive, then changed the oil and filter, took the hardtop off, erected the hood, washed off the dust & dirt, next day ran the fuel line dry and put under wraps. :slight_smile:


Ps. It was below 0 deg Celcius aka freezing already on Friday. So they are salting the main roads as we speak.


10C here and using the XK as long as there is no salt.

I have my otehr Jags in Spain, Tarragona. Intend to use my father’s XJ’s in December and my XJSC in March. The e-type is only used for club racing, so I guess that makes it cheating…

I enjoy driving the Jag on cool fall days. I had it out yesterday, 40 miles or so. I even took it to Home Depot to pick up some house paint.

BTW, the engine was a bit unhappy accelerating. My mistake!!! I’d forgotten to keep the dampers oiled on my Strombergs. They were a bit low. Once I’d added a bit of oil, the car was back to running like a top.


I have friends that keep in touch with him but, yes not in business anymore.

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Been out every day for the last 2 weeks
Looks like it’s gonna get real cold in the next couple of days. Although no salt snow or rain really is the only thing that stops ya.

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Not really E-type weather in here. Maybe in late March again, or April. :+1:


Huh , call yourself a Jag lover , :grin:

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What winter ? Took the Duchess to a local beauty spot the other day , well , it’s all beautiful in west Wales . :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I went skiing today got off the chair went 10 ft , turned into powder first run all the way and six more :skier::grinning: I’m pooped