ARP Rod torque on 4.2 w/ King bearings

I replaced my bearings with King XL bearings and will reuse my ARP rod bolts. I would like to torque them using 30 weight oil rather than the ARP moly, but not sure of the final torque. The manual says 37 lbs. ft. A hot rod site says 50 for ARP bolts. I’m not sure I want to go that far over the std torque.

Hi Michael. I’ve been using the ARP’s since the early 90’s. They should be Torqued to the ARP figure as this will give you more of a safety margin if you overrev,
In my “Race” engines when fitted together with S3 XJ wide blade Con rods, We normally exceed 7500rpm without any problems.
The only time we had a “Rod” failure due to a seized bearing, the bolt head was actually pulled through the rod. There was no bolt failure.
The “Manual” figure is for the std. Jaguar bolts.

Thanks Norman,
I ended up talking with Bill Terry who suggested that I torque the ARP rod bolts to 50 ft lbs with 30 weight oil. I just drive fast on the street so no need to go too far especially since I’m not taking off the head. I just blew the clutch so i pulled the engine and while it was out I replaced all the bearings just for good measure.