Article about one of our E Type posters

I just received my ‘North American Classic MG’ magazine, issue 88.
There is a article about Mitch Andrus and his efforts to create a MG Q-type Special. Mitch has some great skills.
I found it interesting and you may also.

Regards, Joel.

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Joel, is there a link to that article?

I don’t think so. The magazine has a facebook address of Classic MG Magazine <@ClassicMGMagazine>
I don’t do facebook so I don’t know if this address will get you to the article. It takes all my computer power to post here.

Regards, Joel.

Well, DAMN. I haven’t even seen it yet.

They pretty much did that one on their own. I’ve been asked to flesh out articles for 2 other magazines. Stay tuned.

The object of the article:


What a beauty!!! Joel tried the facebook link and it doesn’t appear they post articles, rats!!! Mitch hope you can find a way to share.

Beautiful. Must be fun to drive too.

This is not a link to the magazine article but back in June Mitchman posted on J-L about his wonderful MG creation with lotsa pics here: OT, My TC/Q Special is finished

Magnificent craftsmanship. :sunglasses:

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It’s a bit of a kidney punch. It’s so light it pretty much dances on its tippy toes with spring travel being reserved for railroad tracks. It is a BLAST to drive though. You really have to drive some of these primitive guys, I love it. The steering on the T-Series MGs is more of a suggestion than a command but I’m getting the hang of it. You have to read it’s mind, and the wind.

After the first few drives the tiny windscreens led to a revelation that became it’s name.

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I told you the man was a genius. I’m waiting for the movie.

Evil genius. You forgot the evil part.


Mitch, where do you live in NC?

Nothing to say but its a thing of beauty. One of those magnificent machines that catches the eye of even the most jaded of drivers. I’m sure at any car show it draws more of a crowd than the million $ machines. I could stare at and admire it for long periods of time.

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I’m in Western NC. I’m the president of the British Car Club of Western North Carolina.

Yes, it draws a crowd for sure. I come home hoarse from showing people around, history, etc. At a recent show, it’s first, there were 230 cars of all types. New BMWs, corvettes to Jeeps, Mustangs, Model A’s and rat rods. It took best import and best of show by double the #2 car.

I say this to show that the hobby is alive and well, although changing. If other car owners can vote for a one-off lowly MG above the rest of all that were there (some quite incredible and worth much more), we have a future and a smidgeon of respect to count on.

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I’m in Raleigh. You might consider attending our Carolina Jag Club concours at Little Switzerland in July. Your car would be a hit!

That’s an idea. Would I have to put a cat on the rad cap?

If it leaks oil and has sketchy electrics, it will qualify for our show :slight_smile:


Ah… my kingdom for a Reliant Robin…:wink:

That’s not much of a kingdom…

Riiight, but it leaks oil and has sketchy electrics…INSTANT acceptance at all all-Brit meet!!!