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Good Day, I have been wanting a new Jaguar project and was in discussions with Suffolk when things went bad for them. I have built a Mark IX from the ground up and think I may be able to manage an XK120C replica. Just about 2 hours ago a 1957 KX140S in rough, if drivable shape went for $96K. Seems crazy to me as one would have to put that much in to get it to my like new standard. Anyway, can anyone set me straight as to how I can approach finding someone that can supply an XK120C or XKSS that I can build. Suffolk for example sent the car isn stages.

Where are you?

An XK120 to your ‘like new’ standard could cost well into 6 figures. An XKSS fiberglass replica much less and an alloy one around the price of a comparable XK

Yes. Peter I’m right here. After a couple of days of no response on the forum I didn’t check today. Nice to get your note. I’m in discussions with Jaguar at land Rover regarding the continuation see type. It will probably be an in Normas Lee ridiculous price and I may not want to pay it but I will ask them at least to tell me.

have you checked with Nostalgia cars?
looks like they sell kits to full build?

Hi Iain…whats your location…JLR continuation C type will be around £1mil…they are completely finnished…you can get self built C, D and XKSS…starting with GRP kit C type sbout £30k to build upwards. …Steve

Thank you Steve. I’m in the US, Nevada to be more precise. Your estimate, likely correct, is out of my league. Trying to get responses from Rhelm and others. Worried that the JLR copyright hammer has silenced the shops offering replicas?

Hi Iain…this Face book site is worth you joining…JDC replica site im currently building a Realm C type…its a a small business and Adrian the owner isnt great at responding…but keep mailing…he will eventually reply…anything you want to know about a Realm C just ask…There is also a company in the US doing very nice D types. …Steve Log into Facebook | Facebook

Thank you. Unfortunately, these chaps are not selling for customer build!

Thank you. I will persist.

Best to phone Adrian at Realm. He had a couple of C-types he was working on in June. RCR in the States I think will help you with D-TYPE.

There will be a Bring a Trailer DIY Lynx long nose project soon that could easily be made into an XKSS by leaving the fin off and using a short nose rather than long nose bonnet (which is missing). They’ve accepted my description and photos (and my $99 fee) so they are just drafting the ad for my sign-off.

What they haven’t accepted is the 2+2 donor car ID plates, body tag, rotten tub and title because the papers are not in my name and I wasn’t going to do that until the project was in it’s intended build state/country and property taxes were worth paying.

BaT don’t wish to get stuck in the middle of title transfers - which I can appreciate - and that’s why it’ll be in the project section not the complete cars section but obviously off BaT I’d sell the donor ID as well.

Intrigued…will be watching!

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Please post the BaT link when it’s live. Thx!

Will do. I leave fo the UK on Nov 2

See here

They’ve garbled a few things, but doubtless stuff will get clarified during the Q&A sessions. Best to ask for any clarification here if I get asked about the E-type title and ID tgat goes with everything but can’t be sokd by BaT as the papers have been mine for 18 years but are still in the seller’s name.

Admin can move to Classifieds if it makes more sense, but as I have no price I guess it wouldn’t comply with J-L requirements