Assistance needed

This is the fuel pump currently I stalled. Just above is a bracket which I do not know what was there if the original fuel pump is located on the frame under the seat.

Can anyone with detective skills figure this one out? Please and thank you.

No idea if that is the original location but that is definitely a bracket for a cylindrical SU mechanical fuel pump. The e-types with wing mounted pumps used the same bracket.

Looks like a bracket to hold and support the ignition coil.

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I think I would lean towards the coil mount as well


A little hard to see exactly where that is, but judging from the intake manifold above it seems to be where the brake master cylinder would mount on a right hand drive car. That certainly looks like an ignition coil bracket but it was never to my knowledge mounted in that position, nor was the fuel pump, but you can mount it there for testing or ease.

Those with the dhc of your year model will know exactly where the ignition coil should be.



I presume the ignition coil is in close proximity to the distributor which mine is. The fuel pump is supposed to mount on the frame under the passenger seat side. I got the car this way and have never seen under the hood of one of these card so I was curious as to what or why things are where they are on the car. I am pretty sure that is not a stock fuel pump and to return to original equipment will cost! There are many things on this car that are done as if by a shade tree mechanic.

I will more than likely replace the fuel pump like I said, the one on there now has a tendency to pump more fuel than the carburetor can take, and remove that coil bracket from the frame.

Thanks for sharing.

That fuel pump is indeed an aftermarket one: it’s a Facet, which is a very good brand, and should be just fine for those carburetors if it’s no more than four psi.

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If thats an XK car not an Etype, Its the loop holder for the original SU pump.
The faucet, is totally modern BUT WORKS GREAT . It fluxuates from 2 to 4 pounds.
If you want it to look original, thats no good, if you want it to run, leave it alone.
Follow the trail there should be a fuel filter somewhere.
Good luck
P.S. 2 things going on here, you can see red is ground so its a positive ground car ?
So its early but , is the pump under the seat working or hooked up?
Some guys put the little electric pumps back in the day as a CHEATER for vapor lock and had a toggle so it would be easier to start…the key is does the one under the seat work. If not this is your main.

Yes the car is a 52XK120FHC and I thought the loop bracket might belong to the original fuel pump except when I found out that it is supposed to be under the pass. seat. I haven’t looked under that part of the car yet. Perhaps today just to satisfy my curiosity.

The FACET pump has been on the car who knows how long but probably by the date on the license plate it has been 25 years. The fuel was never drained from the system so how good is the FACET pump after this long?

The XK120FHC is a positive ground the red goes to gnd. There is a fuel filter just before the FACET pump which was dirty and had fuel in it so I removed it.

I did check to see if there were a fuel pump located under the passenger seat on the chassis. Only the bracket is there.


A while back my XK150 stock fuel pump quit and I tried a Facet which is readily available at local auto parts stores. My complaint is they are loud and click constantly. The SU pumps are quieter and click only to maintain fuel pressure. The pumps unreliability stems from old technology contact points which fail due to arcing. This has been remedied with modern solid state electronics. My recommendation is to buy a solid state SU pump from one of the regular suppliers.
Pat H

I agree, good advise! Fast becoming my decision.


I want to verify: is the 53XK120FHC single ignition point system or dual?

All XK120, probably all 50’s-70’s Jaguars are single point ignition.

I never saw a factory Jag, or any other little British car, for that matter, that had dual point ignitions.

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Me neither, but really, the 70’s are a total bllluuuur. :v:

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I did t think so but when it comes to what I have (the XK) never have seen one before except TV I had to ask! What is a Haviar? I probably wouldn’t understand unless I caught up with Mike.