At what point can I post to classifieds?

Hi! New to the forum and I joined to see if anyone is looking for a project car. I’m in over my head with an ‘88 XJ-S H&E and it needs a good new home. The Discobot said actions would be unlocked over time, and I’m wondering how long it will be before I can create a proper post in the Classifieds section. Thanks for the help!

Welcome to the forum
Not sure of any time limit so I can’t help you there

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Only Gunnar knows !!!

@gunnar… I have not a clue how to help!

You have to be in trust level 1 in order to post in the Classifieds. This is to prevent “drive-by” spamming.

All new users are placed in trust level 0. In order to automatically progress to trust level 1, you need to spend a little time participating on the site. (It’s not recommended to disclose exactly what the requirements are, as that could lead to spammers gaming the system.)

I can tell you that’s it’s not bad at all. If you spend just a little bit of time on the site over the next day or two, you’ll be all set. You’ll get a message from the system when you’re promoted to trust level 1.


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Super helpful, thank you Gunnar! I’ll browse some other XJS topics while I’m here :slight_smile:

And, ass commens !