Ats 505 cro/crf

I have a 2010 XK with 125k miles. I was thinking of using these two products due to the mileage. I don’t have any real issues now, but was thinking in terms of being preventative. Has anyone used them? I’d love any suggestions based on experience.

Hi I have moved your post to the relevant forum where do you intend using those products?
They aren’t ones I’m aware of but I’m in NZ.

In the US. Louisana.

If you do regular oil changes I think they will just make your wallet lighter. Do you have any reason to believe the engine is gunked up?
@Wiggles might have an opinion as well.

On a modern engine I am wary of any additives. Run quality gas and use oil per the manufacturer recommendations with regular changes and it will be fine.

I was more interested in where on/in the car you intend to use the products.

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Thank you. At what pint would you suggest a fuel additive to clean the fuel injectors?

In the oil and fuel.

Also, with the mileage at 125k would you suggest using a different oil than the reccomended 5W-20? I’m in a warm climate and don’t drive the car very aggressively.

Use what the manufacturer recommends for oil. Full stop. My GM tech friends swear by Techron but I don’t use any additives. @SD_Faircloth what do you say?

FYI “Jaguar Forums” has a much more active X150 community. You might try there for more opinions.

The problem with opinions on additives is they are usually opinions. Almost nobody has the resources to do real testing on this stuff.

I have two Chevy trucks, 5.7 w 250k miles and 7.4 with 307k. They get good gas (Name brand stuff) and oil changes at 3500 miles. That’s it.

Thanks so much for the insight!