Audible alarm for ignition on, engine not running

None of my audible alarms have worked since I bought my 94 XJ40 (vin # **8893). The only info I found on line referred to a control module which controlled all the alarms but that reference was to a different model and later year. I am thinking of installing some type of buzzer or chime that would go on when the key is turned to on position 1 and turn off when the engine is started and key turned back to position 2. If anyone knows of such an after market kit or can tell how to wire a jury-rigged alarm to function as oem I would be grateful. Thanks for your
reply and you all stay safe.

No point quoting your VIN in the last 4 numbers, that makes no sense. You have to begin with either the 5, 6, or 7 and list the last 6 for it to be any help. We can guess that the ** means “69” but why make it cryptic?

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Sorry about the abbrivated vin I just thought last 4 would tell when in the production year it was assembled in case it mattered, but you guessed right with 69. Anyway, do you have any thoughts on the issue?

I have 94 and I believe I get a “ding ding ding” if I leave the keys in and open the door but that’s about it.

Have you tried to find out why your key alarm doesn’t work? When you say you found a reference to a later year car, do you mean a different model, as 1994 was the last year of production?

I have no alarms of any kind for anything except forced entry horn beeping. The reference I saw on line was about a control module for multiple alarms but was for a 95-97 xjs (?) or something. I have no clue where to find the actual chime/buzzer or control module let alone how to test it. I am not to concerned about the open door alarm, but I would like to know if I walk away with the key turned on!!
I thought about buying an alarm of some kind if anyone can tell my where to wire it in to work properly. Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I thank you all in advance for any & all suggestions.

Sound like you need to download the electrical guide and fix the problem. The alarm I quoted does remind you that you have left the keys in the ignition but of course it doesn’t ding until you try to get out of the car (opening the door)

electrical guide:

That door alarm is probably what I need to fix. If you or someone can tell me the physical location and brief description of the alarm and its power source I might have a chance to solve my problem. I have wiring diagrams in my service manual but there is not much resemblance to anything I see behind the dash or under the hood.
Again, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Nothing in the electrical guide pdf? I assume by your manual you are speaking about Haynes?
the pdf should have the systems described afaik

Just replace the 64 Ohm .5 Watt speaker on the side of the column.

Figure 14 in the 1993/94 Electrical Guide.


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Gary, check out the 1993 model electrical guide to which Larry provided the link. Starting on the 47th page is a description of the relevant components with locations, followed by wiring diagrams. Does this help?

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Downloaded manual. Thanks Larry.
Now all I have to do is wrap my head around it.

Bob suggested replacing and gave you the specs of the little speaker, see above …that’s probably your problem, Bob has probably run into this issue once or twice before :smile:

I have just done that. Thanks for the heads-up Mike.

yeah, AT LEAST once or twice before!

The same speaker is used for the XJ40, X300, X308 and X100.

I bought 5 from an online supplier for around $5 each as opposed to something like $30 to $90 each from the dealer.

Some come with a short harness but a soldering iron can help you out here.


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