Audible sound regularly inside the car

Have an audible sound inside the car, after turning lights on and off.
The sound is always on even when I disconnect the battery, and connect
the battery back on.
Where is the sound critter?

You will have to be a little more specific. What does it sound like? Does it come on with the ignition? With the engine start up? Does it come on with turning the lights on? Is it in the interior? Is it rotational? does it speed up or slow down with the engine or the car speed?

Interior sounds can be anywhere from a warning buzzer to radio static from an on but untuned radio. Exterior sounds can be from an exhaust leak to a bearing.

Try taking a sound bite and posting it to YouTube and then linking it here.

This sound is always on, I don’t know where it gets it from.
I disconnected the battery this morning to see what happens,
nothing happens it sounded inside without the battery connected.
The schematic says something about an audible alarm?
Its on ignition on or off.
With engine on or off.
Engine on or off.

I never transfered sound with my cell phone.

That is puzzling. Could a PO have added a burglar alarm that runs on its own battery? I can’t imagine anything else that would work without the battery connected.

PS: Does the battery run down, when the car is off?

Car starts normally.

I had the car for 3 years now and it never happened before.


It has no effect on starting the or anything else.

The sound stopped overnight.
I still would like the location of whatever is causing it.
It was very loud yesterday inside but gradually went down.

It sounded like dadadadadadadadadadadadadad, FOREVER.


Problem solved, I put a clock in the drivers side corner, and
somehow the alarm went off. I must have set it to on some time
ago and never thought about that.
Thanks guys,

It is well past April 1st Walter. Sitting here with my coffee and a great big grin. If only all strange noises were that simple.

Hey, Robin that would make a good April fools set up, would 'nt ?

That sure made a fool out of me, for a while.