Audio Conversion

Hi All,
Has anyone succesfully completed an audio conversion on a XKR 2010 ? Youtube are showing clips of owners who have installled Tesla stle screens to the centre dash, complete with all controls working, these look amazing but i cannot locate an installer in the uk…

Any ideas.

Hi Sean-
I am planning to use the Carplay conversion from Cameron over at in my 2013 XKR. First step is to get the aux port enabled which should happen on Monday - it’s a bit of a hack on the 5 liter cars. Then I will order the kit and tear into the dash :slight_smile:
There is good discussion over on the “other” jaguar forum.
Regarding upgrading the whole screen, etc., I haven’t seen that yet…

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Well, I struck out with the Aux port enablement. The shop had initially told me “no problem,” but when it came time to do it they balked. It’s a pretty deep change to the software, and requires the Jaguar SDD tool and an “engineering” level password. Both of which they had, but they didn’t like being that deep in the SW. So be it.

The upside is that I discovered that the “issue” with Rene’s iPhone not working consistently thru the “iPod” interface was related to Apple Music. She did not have Music installed on her phone, just Spotify, which would play for 3-4 seconds and drop. I decided to install Music and troubleshoot from there, and just installing Music fixed the issue. Must’ve been an API or something included with Music that Spotify and others use. So now she can use her phone via the iPod interface, steering wheel controls work, etc. It ain’t Carplay, but it’s a big improvement.

I will continue to research the Carplay option, I may need to build my own SDD laptop and go from there…