Authentic Lightweight, Low Drag E-Type For Sale

I used a similar example to illustrate probabilities and false expectations when I was teaching. Another way to look at that length of time; 135,000 years ago was about the time the first humans we would visually recognize as humans emerged in Africa.

I always had at least one student who countered with, “So then I could win tomorrow”.

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Voltaire said it best

‘La loterie est un impôt sur la bêtise .’

(Lotteries are a tax on stupidity).


I think this thread has drifted enough …

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Well, we are a bunch of lightweights…


Odds with a ticket 1 in 292,201,338, without a ticket 0 in 292.201,338 For the price of a beer a week why not? Odds of me buying a e type light weight… 1 in 292.201,338.

A scene from Third Rock from the Sun. The alien visitors have a lottery ticket, and as each number is read out over the radio they get more and more excited as each number is on their ticket. They had all six numbers! Elated the ticket is torn up with the words, “who knew you could have so much fun for just one dollar”.

This kinda says a lot …

… I’d rather have the beer.

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