Auto to Manual Transmission Conversions

Has anyone here and any dealings with The Driven Man? In particular, have you done a Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion.
I’ve a '90 XJ40. I’m considering just that. Any other names, companies to consider please?
Thank you, AP

The 6 cylinder XJS with the same AJ6 engine came with a nice Getrag five speed in it over in Europe.
You would be MUCH better off to import some of those parts to convert your XJ40.

I have a 1985 XJS with the AJ6 engine with the Getrag in it and it is a nice driving car.
Much more lively than the automatic equipped XJ40 sedan. It’s even better after I removed the worn out 3.6L AJ6 and replaced it with a 4.0L AJ16 engine.

Wow thats an early one :innocent:

Anyone with a late 40 who thinks a standard tranny would be better than the beyond excellent auto trans needs their head read IMO …standards are strictly for the birds (oh and the Brits!)

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Well said and spot on! I cannot imagine my '90 Majestic with a 5 speed…?

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I’ve located a company in UK who’s done these conversions and says they can supply me with EVERY part/piece ALL JAGUAR. That is my general direction. Just looking for any/all info/knowledgeable-advise I can get before commencing…
Thank you very, very much. It’s that “lively” personality I’m looking for for my XJ :wink: :wink: :wink:

You are cute.
I’m a Hot Rodder. So hoping my plan comes off. My goal is to be ALL-JAG Parts/Components. Not re-engineering things, but using tried 'n true. I guess if you aren’t already a Hot Rodder maybe you just can’t get it… Have a good day. I have to wonder if your the Gent who ordered his XKE with a Auto… :wink:

Yawn …sows ear from silk purse, go ahead

Well Jaguar did produce the ‘40 as a manual so nothing wrong with it.

Amen! They just never sent them to USA :frowning: :frowning: Thank you. AP