Auto Trans upgrade

I have an (1975) XJ6 S2 auto 3sp, is there a 4 speed (with the OD) auto that will easily match up with the original motor without too much drama?

Yes. In a way. johns cars offered a kit to install a GM transmission that has the OD.

but, Jphnscars may no longer be in business. Located in fort worth Texas.


caught up with fellow club member in Sydney/Aus. found a local specialist that do them

What are you going with ?

I know of 3 that will fit an XJ, the GM7004, Jaguar XJ40, Aisin Warner 4 speed

I reckon the Ford gearboxes would fit, someone recently showed an excellent Oz conversion with Ford Barra & Ford trans, it was either supercharged or turbo to

I’ll go have a chat with the guy, they’re up at Richmond sydney

I fitted a GM 4L60e to my interceptor. The overdrive gear and lock up converter made a vast improvement to cruise comfort and consumption. I greatly value the ability to program the shifts and so would strongly recommend the electronic box if you go auto

As for the jag, I have a jaguar 4 speed manual overdrive- installs using 100% jag parts and is a great outcome. The jag box is a bit agricultural compared to newer boxes, but is a proper match for the car.

Russell where are you located?

I’m in tassie

are you saying you have a 4 speed for sale or you have done a convert on the jag?