Auto transmission manufacturer

Car: XJ6C 1976 Series II
Gearbox No. 025 14342

I am about to ask a local non-Jaguar shop to pull the transmission to replace the front seal and solve a “barking” upon shifting problem. Is there anything I can tell him that will let him know that he has worked on one of these before. Or should we expect any competent mechanic be able to do a decent job on whatever comes into his shop.

Gene <who is back after several years

Hi Gene,
Welcome back. If that’s the original transmission, it should be a Borg Warner Type 65. Nothing special about them, anyone competent in servicing auto trans should have no difficulty dealing with that.

Thanks Kevin. That is what I suspected for the unit and exactly what I wanted to hear about servicing it.


Yes, I think they were used in Rover 3500 and other British cars where the smaller Type 35 wasn’t quite up to it.

The repair shop today said they are fine with the BW 65, except they are extremely busy. Come back next week. Can’t complain for a car that has been in storage.

Hard parts for the 65 are hard to find.

My intuition/hope is that is not my situation.

This would be a good time to replace some of those small items
which are on the transmission.
I have a 1978 XJ 6 never touched my trans. in all those years.

I’ll have to leave it to the mechanic to identify the “small stough.”
Gene in Carlsbad

I have a faint recollection that the bands on the BW 65 are made of an obsolete material, so whenever you’re inside one it’s a good idea to replace them with new bands because the new bands are better.

Note that the bands are adjustable on the BW65. It’s entirely possible that just going through the adjustment procedure may clear up the barking problem. It’s something about tightening each adjuster finger tight and then backing off three flats or something like that.

I recall doing the adjustments years ago. Did not solve the noisy shift. New bands sounds good, if available.

Band adjustment is a very precise operation, Kirbert - involving torque readings.

But it is still the first check, after fluid levels, when a box misbehaves…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Is it? You turn them down snug (to torque of course) and then turn it back a set amount. In my eyes this is not complicated at all but of course it may be hard to reach. They won’t have a problem with that. When that box is out I would look at all seals and wear items.
Carl is probably referencing to the FMX which is related, but not so much that they are similar.

I did the adjustment several years ago the way David said. Still barked on shifting.
The current seal leak is bad enough that leak sealant treatment is not an option. So, the transmission must come out and everything gets looked at.

I think our 71 AMC Hornet, actualy a Rambler, used a BW, not the FMX. Ford used the latter before the C4.

Studebaker went BW.

Adjusting bands brings back memories of replacing the lining and adjusting the bands in the trans of my T Ford. Not hard, Big issue was not to drop a nut into the depths of the transmission !!!

One of my My 57 Ford pickups used a two speed BW!!! I managed to take it apart, and reseal it. it worked!!! Adjust line pressure by the length of the rod to the throttle. Not enough, bad slip. Too much, much creep!!!


I think the 2 speed BW was the DG box, as used in MK7,8 and 9 plus Mk1 and 2 etc. In Jags they had a lockup clutch in the torque converter, effectively making it 3 speed. Jag also had Intermediate Speed Hold, plus Low, so you could effectively use it as a manual ( apart from not being able to lock it in top ) Was replaced later with the BW Type8 then Type 12.

Release locknut, torque to 5 lbs/ft, and back off 2,5 flats. Tighten lock-nut to 35 lbs/ft - with out disturbing adjustment…:slight_smile:

As you say; hard to reach, David. But the tolerances between band too tight (won’t release properly) - and too loose (won’t hold), is very fine. In both cases, the box may misbehave - and rapid band wear will ensue…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)