Automatic transmission malfunction lights up


After I was able to successfully eliminate the Fail Fuel 44 (Oxysensor replaced)

If the automatic transmission flow in the instrument cluster lights up immediately after the start.
the transmission does not shift up

The reverse gear is a bit hard or harder.

What I also noticed is that I can switch out of P without depressing the brake … Shouldn’t that be blocked?

When exchanging the lambda probe, I switched the machine to N because I jacked it up a bit.

Is there a way to read out the automatic transmission …?

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can the error be related to the setting of the TPS?

Check the coder on the gear selector. This is the black module on the side of the selector.
Or check -> Transmission light and limp mode after hard rain

Absolutely. That is the usual cause.

I think the TPS is the problem. it was my turn for the days … with the butterfly closed it has to be between 0.2 and 0.5v,?

also why can I switch from P to D without depressing the brake?

…90 there is no lockout


what do you mean by that

Clean the connector for the TPS making sure there is no dielectric grease inside. Clear the code (disconnect battery for 1 minute) then try again.


set the TPS to 0.55v, the lamp went out immediately.

Thanks for your help,.

strange that the error is then in the transmission and that the ECU does not malfunction and the engine control light goes on …?

The TPS has two contacts inside, one is for the transmission.

there is no lock from P to D in 1990. I can change gears without putting the brakes on

I think the restrictor that prevents the shift is broken

Years 1990-92 don’t have a gear selector lock. You can change gears without applying the brakes. There is no factory-installed restrictor. The restrictor was introduced in 1993

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Since we are talking differences, I don’t think 90 MY had the dual trace TPS either.

so my 1990 has double the TPS (6 pin)

Six pin means dual trace, which means it will affect the transmission.