Automatic Transmission Weak Points?

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Ahoy !
2002 S-type; 4.0L V-8; Naturally Aspirated; Auto Trans.
For reason that I do not know enough, I am not saying the automatic transmission has problems.
What I am saying is that my expectation is that when I put the gear selector into D Drive position, I expect the selection to be crisp and definite. Not so with my car. Gear lever is pulled farthest back in the D Drive position and, I need to apply a slight amount of throttle/increase RPM’s to prod the trans into engaging. This should not be, I am thinking.
So, I am asking the forum - Common problem with S-type auto-trans I need to have looked at or, merely simply a drain&fill ?
Thank you.
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Richard Cielec
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You presumably have the Ford 5R55N transmission. Many Ford vehicles use versions of it so trans shops will be familiar with it.
BTW I don’t know if anyone has told you but the S-Type shares many parts with the Lincoln LS and Ford Thunderbird, many of which are carried by Rock Auto.
You most likely don’t need to drain, maybe just fill. There is a procedure for that which I have written up and can be found in the archives. Its the easiest thing to try first anyway.
There are certain known problems with it that have been covered on this forum, which can be found in the archives if you search 5R55N.
One is the servos, which can get worn. I have replaced mine with a patented improvement version which has o-rings on the shafts. My report is in the archives.
Another is solenoid valves inside, which I have not done.
Another is the plastic shifter mechanism, for which there is an aluminum replacement from several Jag parts vendors. I have done this, again in the archives.
BTW my car has 230,000 miles.

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Re: Search Archives
Duh. How ?
Richard Cielec
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Never mid. Just found the information.
Apology for the bother.
Richard Cielec
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I forgot you were new to the forums.

I was unable to find my bit about the aluminum replacement for the plastic slider in the J-gate shifter in the archives, but here it is. I got it from Welsh Enterprises in Ohio.

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Thank you, again.
Re: 2002 S-type, 4.0L; Auto trans: Shifter lever must be pulled all the way back and slight raise of engine RPM for trans. to engage Drive and then, not smoothly but, with a small roughness.

  1. Aluminum replacement slider for J-gate shifter - your photo: Is one viewing horizontally from driver side toward passenger side or, vertically downward or other view ? If the plastic slider was faulty, what issues would be noticed ?

  2. Servos: As best as you know, is there merely two or three sizes of servos ? I ask because I am a lay on my back under the car on ramps in the driveway hobby mechanic so, for this task, I’ll need to find a friendly shop so, I’ll likely need to have the several size servos in-hand. (I’ll need first to make sure the fellow who makes the servos will accept return of those not used.)

  3. Can you confirm, please ? To solve the current issue, I am supposing my next step is to find a shop familiar with the 5R55N trans and have the fluid level checked/topped-up and the shifter cable throw inspected and, if necessary, adjusted. If fluid level and shifter cable throw appear OK then, what is my next step after those? Aluminum slider replacement ? Servos replacement (improved version w/“O”-rings ? Solenoid valves replacement ?

  4. I am thinking that after the current issue is solved, I should make all the improvements as preventative action.


Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro; U.S.A.

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Ahoy !
Shifter Cable Adjustment and/or Cable Replacement; JTIS
Found a discussion in the Archives (Februay 2013) around adjusting or replacing the shifter cable.
No procedures were mentioned but, suggestion was made to search vendors on E-bay for Jaguar Technical Information System JTIS manual and TSB Technical Service Bulletins CDs (two). What exactly should I be looking for ? Merely search on those items for my car year/spec/SN?
Meanwhile, can someone point me to the adjustment procedure ?
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro; U.S.A.

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Cable adjustment procedure.

Here is a pdf of my experience repairing the J-gate shifter.
J gate shifter repair.pdf (688.7 KB)

As I recall mine was only the second Jaguar customer for the special servo vendor in Wisconsin and I received the wrong servos the first time and had to send them back and get the right ones. It is better if you can take your old ones out and quote part numbers and colored marking dots on them when you place your order. They are a bear to get out and in, so I can’t imagine doing it on ramps.

I just last month bought a new JTIS disc on ebay from sell_84_me that runs on Windows 8.

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a bear to get out and in, so I can’t imagine doing it on ramps. - So I’ve read from your write-up. And, if I correctly recall your write-up, the trans. needs to be slightly lowered/supported. This is why I need to find a friendly shop with which I can work. In addition to the lift, car will need to be layed-up a while awaiting the servos. Perhaps I can find a “gearhead” Ford/T-Bird/Lincoln biased shop in the Chicago area that is accustomed to alternative approaches.
Just occurred to me: are the Part Nos. and coloured dots visible externally such that I do not have to pull the servos to identify them by those markers ? Sounds like not by the way you discussed them.

Oh, good golly - thank you for the PDF. Wish I could ditch work and dig into the car.

Temps dropping to Winter unpleasantness so, reluctant to try removing the top console and causing breakage from cold. I’ll watch the thermometer. 40’sF I’ll give it a go. 30’sF nope.

Best Regards,
Richard Cielec
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Can you please clarify some points on your J-gate shifter .PDF, please ?

  1. You Wrote: You can also pop off the swivel end of the cable with a prybar and pull it all the way out, put the shifter in P, pop the swivel end back on, then snug up both nuts equally and it should be correct. A) I ask: The shifter was placed in Reverse to remove the upper half of the console. Yet, in this step, the shifter - with cable disconnected - is put into Park. Should the shifter have been put into Park after upper console removal and before the “pop off the swivel end of the cable with a prybar” ? B) I ask: In Park & both nuts equal - would this be a way to inspect adjustment at the beginning, after the upper console is removed ? C) I ask: with a prybar and pull it all the way out. I assume you mean to pull out the slack as the cable is connected down at the transmission.
  2. You Wrote: Welsh aluminum metal slider goes on either way, but check the movement of the oblong lever. A) I ask: Will the oblong lever be immediately recognizable and, what movement am I check for ? Not sure from the photo by what you mean is the “oblong lever”.

Thanks. I think that is my puzzlement for now.
'Seems that as long as I am in there checking cable adjustment, I should go ahead and upgrade to the aluminum slider re: a sooner or later repair.

Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro; U.S.A.

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Servos - The part numbers and colored dots are on the part, so yes you have to take it out to see them. But maybe AJ Superior Solutions knows the correct part for Jaguar by now. They didn’t in 2012.
Edit: Hmm, apparently not.

1A. You can move the shift lever around as you need to. As I recall the key has to be in the lock and maybe switched on and you have to step on the brake pedal.
1B. No value inspecting at the beginning because you don’t know that the cable is set right. Unless there is an obvious fault like nuts loose or cable frayed or something. Loosen both nuts, set the cable right, then snug up both nuts, then tighten them equally.
1C. Yes, pull the cable end to set the trans in Park. Pushing it through 6 clicks puts it in Reverse (i.e. there are 7 positions of the cable).
2. The oblong lever is on the right side with a big long slot in it, and the swivel point of the slider passes through it and moves it up and down.