Aux fan remove and replace

95 4.0L : aux fan motor is seized. I see the V12 aux fan threads but the mounting is different for a 95 4.0
Any experience?
I think the most expeditious means is to de-rivet the shroud, but I was hoping to get a tip to the contrary.
How is the fan attached to the shaft? If the fan itself could be loosed, it might help.


Fan and housing removed with de-riveting. Motor is not serviceable. Fan is not removable from motor shaft. This car is getting a non-OEM fan next week.

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What size is the fan? Perhaps some photos are in order.

As a general rule, I recommend picking up a fan from a Chevy or Volvo or whatnot from a junkyard rather than some aftermarket thing in a box from AutoZone or Advance. Reason: The OEM items from reputable automakers may not look fancy but they work. The aftermarket things are only dependable for moving cash out of your wallet. Some of them move very little air. The aftermarket things also sometimes come with grilles that keep your fingers out, but unfortunately they also keep air out.

One other thing: The junkyards generally guarantee their fans work. They mark them when you buy them. If they don’t work, they let you pick out another. But you may have trouble with the warranty on a new electrical item such as an aftermarket fan.

Cant’ get to a junkyard. I would prefer that route, too.

af2 af3
In essence, a 10" fan

That fan looks the same as the one on the V12, although the mounting is different. The V12 fan is a known POS. Jaguar even went to a better fan for the XJR-S.

10" fans are common in junkyards. I suspect you’ll get lots of tips here.