Auxiliary cooling fan bolt-on upgrade

Have been working on bolt-on solution for upgraded auxiliary cooling fan.

I want to make it look as stock as possible. So will be producing custom fan mount bracket based on original design so it will bolt to originall shroud without any modifications.

Will post more pics when I make first prototype :wink:



You should look at the SPAL Fans they have very good selection. a1electric sells them in the USA.


You’ll make mine look ugly!!! :wink:

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There’s only ONE kind of ugly fan: one that doesn’t cool!


Picked up first peaces of mounting bracket today. You guys might recognize other parts in the picture as well as they are for xjs as well :slight_smile:

As you can see, my Spal fan has four bolts not three, so you may want to offer various brackets?

I’ll be offering it together with new fan :wink:

Curious, which fan? That will be an important selling point.

Fan is from Volkswagen/Audi used on very wide range of their vehicles from ~1990 to ~2000. Fan is made in Germany and really well built. There is also a version with high an low speeds.

not bad…but I prefer our Made in America Spals :wink:

Are those A/C compressor pipe retaining clamps? How thick are they?

Yes one of those plates are for A/c compressor. They are the same thickness as original but I’m planning to stack 2 of them.

But SPAL’s are made in Italy, aren’t they ? :wink:

That’ll work, but better is one plate twice as thick. I fabbed mine from a 1/2" thick bar cut to length with a hole drilled in the middle.

I was pondering simply using a piece from a bicycle kickstand. On bicycles that don’t have a built-in place to mount a kickstand, a kickstand is secured to the chainstays with an aluminum bar over top of the chainstays with a bolt through the middle. Looked to me as though that aluminum bar would be just the ticket for this job.

Is there an issue with the stock fan? :confused: I thought someone (Kirby?) said earlier something about so long as the stock parts are working properly on a 5.3 there should be no cooling issues.

btw, speaking of that fan, isn’t there supposed to be rubber flaps that open and swing closed behind it (i.e. toward the engine side)? I noticed on Superblack the other day ('92 5.3) there are none, although they are present on Superblue ('94 4.0) and also were there on my old XJ40s and X-300 (albeit sometimes somewhat “petrified”). :thinking:

…and the radiator is removed, to clean out the front of it.

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I was going to post a separate post on this, but this might be a good time to bring it up … When I first got Superblack, at first glance I thought her radiator fan was the “good” upgraded black version. Recently though when I went to clean up the engine compartment I discovered it to be the original yellow fan but extremely grimy on the backside with a thick layer of black greasy. sooty gunk. :open_mouth: Took a lot of Krud Kutter spray and paper towels and then a second time with Simple Green + a stiff brush to get it clean and looking new again (didn’t see any cracks in it :relieved:). Any idea why the fan would be that grimed up, and on the BACK side (i.e. facing away from the direction of air flow)? The rest of the engine compartment was relatively clean, btw.

Not behind it, below it. The area of the rad that isn’t facing either fan has the flaps.

As Kibert said, flaps are below the fan. You can see one of them in my picture above where I have new fan mounted in a fan shroud.

Yes if properly maintained stock cooling setup is just fine as is. But OEM electric fan is really lousy and doesn’t move that much air due to old-fashioned blade design and weak motor. The reason I started searching for an alternative, is because my original fan failed. By the way Jaguar also used upgraded more modern 7 blade fan for XJRS and late 6.0l XJS.

But these newer fans are no longer available new and so rare that I couldn’t even find one used.
So I decided to make my own version of it :slight_smile: I’m sure that not only engine cooling system benefit from this upgrade but A/C system will benefit from this upgrade as well. I also upgraded my condenser to more modern parallel flow type from later 4.0l xjs but taht is covered on another thread.