Availability of electrical pigtails and their pins

I have been getting a CATS system fault since I bought this 2000 S Type last year. It has suffered some problems in its past with water getting into the trunk wheel well . This was obvious from the state of the tire iron and other denizens of the wheel well. This has affected the connectors to the ADC module that is mounted to the rear wall of the wheel well. I changed out the module and had to repair one wire to the pigtail. I would now like to change out the pin to the pigtail and then to clean up all of the remaining pins. A friend of mine who is a Ford mechanic tested the system with an expensive code reader and he determined the problem lies in the wiring and not in the modules. He said the offending wire is a prime suspect.

I am trying to get either a pin or a pigtail or a wiring loom for this part of the system but hey are not readily available locally. Can anyone put me onto a potential supplier. I live in western Canada.

First thing to do is to punch a small hole in the boot floor near the battery so any accumulated water will drain before the modules/electronics are affected. (that is what I did for several customers and to my personal S-Type)

It is not a cure for the boot lid seal/tail lamp seal failure and water ingress but a line of defense.

A solution for you might be to find a salvage car and cut the harness connector with a length of the wire to have some parts to repair.

You might also try to remove the pins from the plastic connector and take them a local Ford parts dept to match up??


Hi motorcarman,

I finally bought a pigtail from Jaguar Heaven and removed one pin and installed it in the original connector. I then cleaned everything up and gave it a try yesterday. New ADCM, restored connector, no change! Still getting the error message.:frowning_face: Oh well, back to the grindstone.


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