Avatar No Longer Showing


Wondering if the other members are experiencing this same problem … Whenever I go to the site (forums page) since about a week or so ago my avatar (“A”) and recent posting info. no longer shows up on the right, next to the end of the search box and the little three lines thingie. It’s like I don’t even exist anymore …

??? :confused:

(Robert Wilkinson) #2

Mine is OK but many others are as you describe. Is your’s the only one gone? Also, what device do you use to access J-L? I had several avatars missing on PC, Macbook, and iPhone, but all but the PC came back after several hours. I haven’t bothered to reboot the PC.

Yes, yours is missing on my PC, too, in this thread.


Using Windows 10 on my home computer. And yes, I can see the other members’ avatars. Very strange. :crazy_face:

(Robert Wilkinson) #4

windows 10 here too. Two avatars are missing on my Mac laptop, too. More on the PC. Your appears on the Mac.


Ah, I just noticed something (doh!) that I didn’t until now … Before the avatars for the members were always letters, like “A” for me (for “attydallas”?) … Now it seems they are instead a miniature pic of whatever pic the member has on their profile … Maybe for those of us (like me) who do not have such a pic, the avatar is now just a blank spot ? :thinking:

(Robert Wilkinson) #6

Good pickup as the medical folks say. All of my visible avatars are photos. I can’t tell what was there for the blank ones, but I see no Avatars with letters only. Wonder why you and I are the only ones experiencing this?

(David Langley) #7

A bunch of posts with no avatar on my PC too. I think that those with a “letter” avatar may be key.


hmmmmm … Admins, did the system undergo a recent change in that regard - i.e. no more “default” avatars for members, just their personalized ones? :confused:

(Jerry Mills) #9

Weird. I’m showing 18 on line.
5 have a little x in a box, 7 are letter and 5 are personal.

(David Langley) #10

Interesting. I just looked, and it says that there are 18 online, but only shows 5 avatars and they are all personal ones. No letters, and no “little x” in a box. Looks like it could be a browser-specific or OS-specific issue. I’m running Chrome on Windows 7…

(Jerry Mills) #11

SHBO says Windows 8 here.
Now showing 20. 5 with x, 9 with picture and 6 with letter.
While we’re all here, how do the avatars arrange themselves ?

(Andrew Waugh) #12

It’s a problem with the software, should be resolved easily once Gunnar has a moment:

(Andrew Waugh) #13

You mean the “Who’s Online” row? That’s order of login duration (that’s why I’m usually first in the list, because I never log out).

(chris gruchawka 1988 XJ-SC) #14

Seems to be worse since container restart


Interesting, although I’m not a “new” member … ?

(Andrew Waugh) #16

Gunnar just updated the site and restarted the server.

3 cheers for @gunnar, for doing this while on holiday.

(chris gruchawka 1988 XJ-SC) #17

Please forward our thanks to Gunnar, and remember technology gremlins always wait for the worst moment to present themselves.


Wooohooo . good job, Gunnar! Yes, the avatar(s) are back! :smile:

(69 FHC ) #19

Huzzah! . …:grin:

(Paul Wigton) #20

“Software is never finished: it’s just shipped.”

-Mark Robbins, writer of the source code, for LapLink.

(Let’s see how many geeks remember THAT!)