AW: [Saloon-lovers] scuttle servo bypass?

Hi Nick,
first check with some vacuum pump (big old syringe e.g.) if the scuttle
servo diaphragm leaks (vacuum gets filled up immediately), if the linkage
is stuck (vacuum stays OK) or if the problem is in the valves (vent works
OK). In my case (S type) the hinge of the vent was stuck, and getting oil
there was difficult, but I succeeded in the end, and it works fine.
As Paul S. writes, heating will be most efficient with the vent closed, but
demisting usually is better with the vent open, as the air outside the car
usually is much drier (absolute humidity!), particularly in very cold
weather. This applies not always during heavy rain :-)))))))


-----Ursprungliche Nachricht-----Von: Nick & Pam Mitchell []
Gesendet am: Samstag, 9. November 2002 20:05
Betreff: [Saloon-lovers] scuttle servo bypass?


In my 66 Mark 10, the servo is not opening the scuttle vent when I push the
‘air’ button.

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