Awesome deal: 1960 3.8 mk 2 ($12,800)!

This was an awesome DEAL for a carefully sorted 3.8 MK 2 that spent 47 years with one family! It sold this afternoon for ONLY $12,800 on BAT! My MK 2 is idential to this one! Luckily new owner!


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I got the one hour left notification and it was $12800. Even thought about bidding on it, especially since it was in Portland like me. I was surprised when I got the email that it closed at the same price.

Agree, it was a good deal for anyone looking for a MKII. There’ve been quite a few on BaT lately. I think that fact, along with the color combo and the seller’s reluctance to take underside photos held it back.

I was watching it until the seller of the car I bought accepted my offer with a couple of days remaining on it. I think it sold well below its value (if it is a rust free as the seller claims) but the faded woodwork, few underside pictures ( I asked about the jack pads but they pictures were never provided) and for some reason to my ears the exhaust didn’t sound good. Also the non original engine probably did not help. For me it was also 2500 or so miles away.
Still looked to be a solid driver to have fun with.

Understand the distance, Jeff! I made that difficult decision when I bought a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow about two years ago. The car was in California, and I’m here in North Carolina. In the long run, it was the best decision I could have made since the car was well maintained/loved by the family that bought it new. Back then, I paid $2200 extra to have it delivered enclosed. I would guess now the shipping would be much more. Long story short, the extra shipping cost was offset with no large repair bills! In contrast, my MK 2 was bought reasonably, BUT I doubled the purchase price with repairs, etc. That got “old” rather fast. Now, I pay more and have less stress!