B pillar and rear wing question

So I have new rear wings on the car and am now going through the process of putting everything back on and need some info please…the stout chrome cover on the B pillar that doubles as the mount/hinge for the rear quarter light/window…does anyone have a pic that shows how much of the rear wing overlaps the B pillar? On my car they overlapped the B pillar such that when placing the hinge, is doesn’t sit flat onto said B pillar. Need to know if this is normal of if I need to cut a piece of the wing out to allow the hinge to sit flat. A pic from someones resto would tell the story.

Appreciate any help.

I’m not positive what you are asking, but do these pictures help?

Thanks for sending John but I’m not sure. I think perhaps the 2+2 is different to the Coupe in this respect. I’ll put up a pic or two tomorrow and you’ll see what I mean.

Here are some pictures of my 69 2+2

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I am not sure just what you are asking but have found pictures of my S2 2+2 as I was dismantling it.
If these don’t answer your question please post a picture of the area on your car.1-IMG_00662-IMG_00673-IMG_00914-IMG_00925-IMG_0093

Hope these help.

Regards, Joel.

Thanks to all for the pics, most helpful. I now see that the chrome hinge assy locates further forward than I had assumed which might help my fitment issue. I’ll get back to the car today with fresh eyes and insights.

Thanks again to everyone!

Question…on the hinge assy…on the opposite sie to the hinge itself is a “T” shaped slot machined along its entire length. Anyone know what this is for? SNG doesn’t show any seal in there.

its for a rubber seal if its the same design as a fhc. your chrome window frame should have a matching T slot, for a matching rubber seal

Here’s a pic of the end of the chrome pillar that also serves as the hinge for the window. As you can see, the T slot is on the forward/opposite side from the window itself so it faces the door. There is no matching slot on the window itself and as I say, it’s on the opposite side.

Sorry about the blurry photo but should be good enough to show the slot…


Looking at a picture from my old 2+2. You can see the slot there, but no weatherstrip to fill it. On a FHC, as Mferrari points out, there is a piece of weather strip that fits in that slot and a matching piece in a matching slot on the door window frame. I assumed Jaguar felt the “B” pillar weather strip unique to the 2+2 you see in my picture was sufficient.

There is a seal for the slot you show in your photo.
I posted some photos a few years ago and will add the item here.
The ID # of the seal is included in the photos. I bought a seal kit from SICP years ago and their seal was ‘better’ then the one from SNG, to my way of thinking at least, less stiff.
I did have a machine shop ‘open’ the slot some as I found it too tight to introduce the ‘foot’ of the seal.
I am sure there was some discussion of this on the old site at the time I posted the photos but I did not look for it.
As I remember the 2+2 is different then the FHC in that the 2+2 has a solid B pillar and the FHC has a B pillar that is removable from the pictures I have seen but I have never looked at a ‘FHC in the flesh’ with this in mind. I stand to be corrected.
Hope this helps, Joel.

Yep, the slot is that same as on my car but no seal shown for the 2+2 on the SNG site.

I think you’re right, the 2+2 is different yet again. Old man Lyons saved another buck!..:slight_smile:

Thanks guys, all the pics and dialogue has solved my problem, at least this one, more to follow I’m sure.

This does throw yet more light onto the saying that you “can’t take enough pictures, and when you think you have, take some more”…the devil is in the very small details, such as this, along with the myriad of little screws, fasteners, washers etc.

Joel, your set of three or so pics of the steps taken in removing and showing this assy on the B pillar is a great example of where you just can’t have enough.

I found the posting from the old site, it may help.

Regards, Joel.