Bac6224 plastic cover

(max) #1

I bought this plastic cover but i don’t understand what i must take away before to put It in its positionmw4540 part Is Number 3

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Good question, its along time since I was in the bowels of the front bumper of my ‘40, does it just clip in? Have you tried prising it off?

(Mike Stone) #3

This is pure speculation on my part but methinks the clip / bracket [#10 in the diagram) may come into play.

(max) #4

Maybe before i must take away the front Mask of the lamps and central grill…because i don’t see that screw (10) and there isn’t space prising It Off…other ideas??

( Larry ) #5

I believe it just clips into the top chrome piece (#1), there are seven or eight clips/tits along it’s length that slot into square holes in the hidden (hidden by the plastic) chrome top piece.

If I remember correctly, when I changed the rubber part of the bumper I dis-assembled the whole shebang … and I took this photo - not sure if that was on the assy or dis-assembly. It has to be removed first though, so you can get access to the top chrome mounts.

It does just clip into those oblong holes and covers up the mountings for the top chrome

BTW clip #10 just secures rubber bumper at it’s forward edge and has a nylon “nut” at the rear that fastens the top chrome, the pic shows some of the arrangement.

(Brett) #6

It just clips in. If you want more detail, take a look at my post on bumper rechroming.

(max) #8

I read It but again i think there isn’t space to take away and put the new only pushing theese clips. See my photo i think i must disassembly something

(Brett) #9

Are you trying to remove it without removing the bumper? Its not really meant to be removed without the bumper being off the car.

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(Robin O'Connor) #10

2 bolts (normally well rusted :slight_smile: ) and disconnect any electrical connectors and it slides off, getting it back on is best done with 2 people to save any paint damage.

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(Zigmund) #11

Robin’s right - two bolts holding the bumper to the shock absorbers off, pull the bumper assembly forward, and anything on the front bumper is easily accessible (take care of the electrical connectors for the lights on the 'wings". The side “wings” would come along with the bumper assembly.

The whole bumper assembly is not that heavy, and one person can handle it, but carefully, so you do not scratch the paint. I did it last week, after not breaking successfully, and hitting an SUV in front, on one of the Northern California disastrously-undermaintained heavily traveled roads; I had one “wing” fall off, and you can’t install the new one without taking the whole bumper assembly off. Simple job, though, once the front bumper assembly is off.

In your case, only the front grille is really in the way; Remove the bottom Philips-head screws for the plastic grille inserts (two on the bottom of each), then the steel grille frame has four screws - two to remove, on the right, and two to just loosen on the left. Now remove the grille. Pry the remnants of the old one off, and simply, with your hand, press-clip-in the new one in place. Put the grille steel frame and plastic inserts back.

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