Back from the painter!

At last, the car is back from the painter’s. We chanced the trip against advice of possible thunderstorms, but the British weather held and it’s installed safely, and dry, back in the workshop. Now the clean work begins!



A wonderful milestone to reach!

It certainly is a fantastic moment - well done! And what a beautiful colour!

Looks really good…enjoy fitting it out

Looks great Roger, will be a joy to fit up!

very nice

Roger - what is the color? I’m in process of trying to narrow down paint options for my Mk2. Lots of really nice non-metallic grays out there. Yours looks like one of them.

The colour is Mist Grey, which I think is technically a '56 colour, not a '55. As the car was originally Carmen Red with black trim and hood, which I didn’t want to replicate, and had been repainted a completely different colour by the last owner, I decided to go with the Jag colour I liked best even if it wasn’t strictly correct for the model. Trim, hood and 60-spoke wires will be a very dark blue. I have a new set* of 54-spoke wire wheels in Mist Grey as they should be for an SE (which my car is), which will be my ‘special original’ set of wheels.

*thanks again, Peter (Biskit) and Phil Hallewell

MIST Grey is actually a 1957 colour, being one of the seven new colours introduced for XK150 but a few were introduced on the last January 1957 built LHD XK140 OTS only…
Nominally all seven were introduced in January 1957, noting there was only eight XK140 DHC and five XK140 FHC made in January 1957 - NONE of which were MIST GREY nor any of the other six new XK150 colours. There was however 160 LHD XK140 OTS made in January 1957, of which 46 were painted in one of the new XK150 colours, and indeed FOUR only of these were made in MIST GREY, three with RED interior and one with DARK BLUE interior…

A quick check of these 160 January 1957 LHD OTS, my records are incomplete/patchy - but I do identify S813239 built on 24 Jan 1957 as the one car MIST GREY with Dark Blue interior…
Others may know of the other three ???

Having said that, there were some 574 XK150 OTS/FHC and DHC painted MIST GREY

Well, as I said, I know it’s not technically a correct colour for a 140. But it’s a correct period Jaguar colour (OK, two years out for a 140 DHC), and if one late 140 OTS was produced in Mist Grey with dark blue interior, then I don’t feel too bad about producing a 140 DHC in the same combination. Also as I said, it was never going to be the original colour, and despite having a very large proportion of original metal in its bodywork, it’s now RHD instead of LHD anyway, so…