Bad connection, gremlin, or user error?

A couple months back, just after installing my dashcam, I experienced an issue where my turn signals went dead. That lasted about a day and then magically corrected itself.

Recently, a new issue arose where, while driving at night, the gauge lights went dead.

Everything else worked fine and as I don’t drive at night often I forgot about it.

Yesterday, I tinkered around a bit and found a loose connector that restored the gauge lights, but now I have no turn signals!

All my fuses look good and everything else seems to be in working order. Wondering what next steps to take.

Double check your fuses to make sure they are making contact with the holders AND that they are fully functional, I had one on my S11 XJ6 that looked ok but the fuse wire did not have a solid connection with the end cap on one end.

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I’d check all spade connections and if loose use the gentle squeeze with needle nose pliers on the female connector to tighten the fitting … they should be very firm

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Nah! These is Gremlins. Devious little buggers is Gremlins.

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Just did a perfunctory once over of the fusebox and connections and when I went out for my morning run found the dash lights still working and the turn signals not. Filled the tank and now everything works again! Would love to tell you I have the Fonzi touch, but I’m sure it’s just temporary.

PS: Is 14mpg bad? :grimacing:

If you enjoyed driving the car, no, not bad at all. :grin:

Fourteen around town is about right, IMO.

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No complaints at all!

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When driving an E-Type, measuring Miles Per Gallon is irrelevant
I would focus on Smiles per Gallon.


It might be worth checking that the flasher unit is fully pushed into its connector and making good contact. On my '67 I noticed it was a little loose (I think it’s just above the driver’s side left knee on a LHD car) and flashers seemed to return to their predictable pattern. It could be easily dislodged given how easily it pushed back in. I might slightly bend the spade terminals to ensure it fits a little tighter.

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My flasher holder was so loose the flasher would fall out hitting a bump. Since the holder is only available as part of a wiring harness, i went in the back, and used crimp on connectors put in place with JB weld. Its not pretty, and a pain to get everything in the right position without gluing the flasher in.

If you aren’t overly concerned with the original look there is this: