Bad cooling fan replacement universal 12 Volt aftermarket

1 of my cooling fans fans has gone bad, I’m thinking of replacing with an aftermarket universal 12 volt fan (that pulls air in, like the original). I am OK to modify the fan shroud assembly that holds them. Anyone ever do this ?

Since this forum covers all sedans from 1995 to 2009…

Might help to tell us the car you have.

I thought there would’ve loads of jag used fans available.

You will probably need to replace both fans otherwise one will run faster than the other. So factor that cost in. You could buy one to start with to see how it fits and works

yes many used fans, on ebay for example, but the fans I need are limited to '95-'97, for some reason which I can’t understand, because they “look” the same as the '98 and forward fans advertised, but the vehicle filters say they “won’t fit your vehicle”, not sure why. Therefore, I get less choice, and, all the ones I see looked as old and used as the one I have, that is failing. BUT I did order one used fan anyway, in case my experiment doesn’t work.
I do agree with your idea that 2 matching off-the shelf would be wise, and it would be great to have actual new fans.

All the sedan fans from VIN 667829 (XJ40) to F59525 (2003) are basically the same. The rubber isolation mounts are different on the shroud mount fixings (shroud to radiator) but you can move the parts around to fit.(some are long, some are shorter)

The motor 3 bolt flanges can be interchanged to fit all the shrouds!!


So I got a fan and motor (no shroud) from ebay for a 98, but the diameter is larger than the 95-97. the motor mounts will align but fan wont fit in shroud. I was thinking of taking off my old fan blade and putting it on my “new” fan motor. I tried to remove blade from shaft, (after removing shaft securing clip) but can’t get it loose. Tried soaking in penetrant, pushing, pulling, tapping hard, but it won’t budge. Any suggestions?


Fan blades can be difficult to remove. (or impossible!)

Is it your new one you are having problems with?

  1. Maybe you could cut the blades off the end if it is too long? Can be tricky to keep in balanced.
  2. Otherwise, if you can remove your old blade, you could cut/melt the old one off. (but I would try step 1 first to see if that works)

I guess you should first verity it works electrically, otherwise you could return it

I see the ends of the blades are connected together, so that may not be easy.

Should have got a complete unit I guess

yep, if i can’t get this off thats the next step