Balky shift lever

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My wife occasionally has had a hard time getting the shift lever on our 2002 S-type to move from Park into Reverse. At the best of times it is a bit balky. This morning my wife called from downtown to announce that she couldn’t get the selector into reverse, no matter what she tried. After some discussion, I advised her to pull on it with some substantial force. She was skeptical, not wanting to be responsible for breaking anything, but eventually agreed and was successful.
What is amiss here and how do I fix it.
Thank you!

The shifter has been discussed quite a lot on this forum. Search the archives.

There is a white plastic slider part that wears out,

and an aftermarket aluminum replacement part is available from many of the best vendors.

There are also switches and a solenoid in there that could be bad, preventing it from moving out of Park,
and the shifter cable could need adjustment.

I eventually replaced my shifter with one out of a salvage yard.

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Hi Rob!

Thank you for taking the time to help me out with this shifter issue.
Yours was a very helpful response.
Regarding the archives, I always try to source them first, but, as in
this case, I rarely find help there. I suspect this has more to do
with my researching skills than it does with the archives. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Mine " ain’t misbehavin’ " so I forgot about another thing it did in the past.

Hi Rob!

Thanks for the additional info. I hope I don’t need it. :slight_smile:

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