Ball Joints / Alignment

Need new tires as inner tread on front has excessive wear. (Made notice on another thread regarding Camber shims NLA). Before taking in for alignment and new tires, jacked up front end and found slight play when rocking tires as held at 12 and 6 o’clock. No play when held at 3 and 9 o’clock.
Both upper and lower ball joints where replace back in 2005 shortly after purchase. Mileage at that time was about 53,000. Now at 131, 373. Yes this a driven car ( when running).
That’s 80,000 mile on these ball joint so not too disappointed. Not certain if both the lower and upper ball joints are bad but best practice to replace both sets.
Oh well another hole to through time and money into.

How are your upper control arm bushings? I believe that was the cause of my uneven tire wear.

Those rubber parts seem to wear out quicker on my car for some reason. (I just replaced them after about 60,000 miles and 5 years?). Ball joints still looked good.

While in there. Replace your fuel filter and clean off the ABS sensors.

Upper bushing changed recently when replacing sagging front springs.
As far the ABS sensors, don’t have any as the 1987 models don’t have ABS PITA brake system.
Thanks for your thoughts though.

I hope you are installing Lemforder ball joints.

If the wear is symmetrical in both tires then the most possible cause is that you have toe-out instead of toe-in.
Next is too much camber, or a combination of both.

Just bought some from SNG Barrat.
Any washer the right thickness will do though.

Boy was I wrong wrong about having changed the upper bushing recently. Getting senile.
Thanks to Veekay for telling me about his experience of worn bushings.
Found the rear bushing on right side rear position completely shot. Picture will show that.
If you have to remove this bushing, loosen both shaft bolts and remove forward bolt to tilt shaft as picture shows. Of course note what shims where in there.
New bushings on their way.

Intended to add that in removing the ball joint my wedge tool had too tight a gap between the forks. Originaly was under 0.740" and shaft of both upper and lower ball joints is slightly over 0.750" so took a grinder to it and opened up the gap.