Ballast resistor wiring

I have a January 1968, 1.5 but the engine bay was in a bad state, so I don’t know if it had a ballast resistor as I am wiring the whole car or

A 1968 S 1.5 would not have had an ignition coil ballast resistor.

What has been said here is the ballast appeared on the '70 model year but some very late '69 cars appear to have them fitted.

I’ve got a bit confused because there was one on the car, but my wiring said I didn’t have one
Thanks for the prompt reply. NowI can get on with it.

You may wish to check what coil you are using. As said, originally your car would not have used a ballast resistor. But maybe someone replaced your ignition coil with a coil that did require a ballast resistor. If you are not replacing the coil with an original spec coil, check what coil you are using.

Just ordered another one ‘,I brought the jag with fire damage in the engine compartment and in dashboard ,it had been totally renovated three years before, there was a ballast resistor next to the remans of the coil