Barn find Mk IX

I found this car not far from home.

Last on the road 1976.

It was a job to get the car jacked up enough to try and remove the wheels, and free up the brakes. The barn’s wood floor is rotten.

The rear calipers had been removed, so the wheels turned easily. Luckily the trans was in neutral.

I was almost done when one front wheel stud spun with the nut. The barn is a tinder box, so I’m reluctant to use torches. Do you think I can drill it out enough to break it off? I bet the stud is very hard steel.

The interior and wood looks good. I can’t wait to wash it.

All the sheet metal is gone, so this is a parts car.

It looks like someone added some mood lighting under the dash.

I’ve never had a barn fine, so this is great fun!

I’ll keep posting,



Wait: I thought you were thinning the herd!?!?!!!


nut-breaking tool or angle grinder will take care of it

Hi Rob, that ‘mood’ lighting was standard external dashboard illumination from the Mk5 onwards. In today’s vernacular, it would invite the overused term ‘Cool!’. Don’t lose or damage the bulb shrouds or lenses.

Yes it was supposed to be ultra violet which would show up the white on the dials. Totally useless!
Some good woodwork on that car.

I wish my woodwork and interior were in that good a shape! :slight_smile:

Very nice
Fill the tires with air and leave it for posterity
You will get more looks at a show then a restored D Type!

I wish I had the tools which are probably still stored in the front doors.

you would be lucky, checked a few and most had been removed.

A Garrington shifter is worth $$

Thanks for your comments.

Paul,. yes, I need Jaguar-rehab, to prevent more buying.

Tony, there’s no power near that barn, but maybe abattery cutter will do it. But there are sparks involved in that as well. I’ve resolved to try and pull the car out with the one stuck rim, and fix it once home. If it will not move, I’ll carefully burn it off, with lots os water at hand.

Thanks Peter and wardell for letting me know about the under dash lighting; I had no idea.

Gary, the tools are missing. That was one of the first things I did upon finding this car.

Thw wheels are at a tire shop getting some cheap tires and tubes on, then I’ll have another trip over to the car. I’ll take some more pictures then.



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If you can get a nut breaker in it might make it easy and no power needed. A good cobalt drill should get through there though?

I would take a few gallons of water and get the area wet and then also cover it with cardboard if you have to heat it up. If you have sparks then wait a while before you leave so no spark can develop a fire over time.