Barn find needs dragging out

I am in the process of removing my barn find but as expected I have the problem all the wheels are locked solid. Just surface rust on the discs but effectively makes moving it a big issue. I have used my old dollies on the rear wheels so they are mobile and will fit up the trailer ramps. I need the best way to “slide” the front wheels over rough concrete. I a thinking some thin ply under the wheels will help reduce friction unless there is a better way. It is a tight squeeze to extract it.
I dont have time to manufacture anything as must move it tomorrow.
Any ideas?

Maybe a good floor jack under the front crossmember.

It is very rough ridged concrete so the jack jams in the ruts.
If I can drag to the end of the trailer ramps I can then jack up and push the ramps under the tyres to get me started. It has to be dragged forwards and then sideways out of the shed.

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Flat metal plate to roll jack on?

Put down sheets of plywood to create smoothe surface.

Will the tires hold air?
Try two sheets of plywood under each tire, one will catch on the floor and the other will slide on the first.
If you have room you could put a few pieces of pipe in between the sheets of plywood to roll on.
I used to supervise riggers/ironworkers moving 20 ton magnets and they called this the Egyptian pyramid method.

Thanks yes I figured cutting strips of ply as “rails” with a ply pad under the wheels as ply will slide on ply much better. Washing up liquid will help I think. Tyres do hold air (many years flat) and they are brand new or were.
So off to timber yard in the morning and they will cut a sheet down into 1 foot strips.

water and detergent, if you are skull dragging it

depends a lot on the exact method you employ

with my electric winch equipped 4wd, nothing is impossible

so that’s how they did that.

Cut plastic garbage bag and put between the plywood pieces to reduce the coefficient of friction

Why not just remove the front calipers !

Or just the pads?//???

Yes or the pads , they are only stuck to the disc , lots of WD40 sprayed on and a few taps with a hammer would be my starting point !

Couple of old hubcaps, it’s what we used years ago.

I had the same problem with my own and know the pads likely will not come out and I dont have a complete tool kit to get calipers off although I will be taking wheels off and spraying with WD40 in any case. I will shock it with 4wd to see if it frees off. If not then plan B and C. Thanks guys.

Perhaps also cutting the flexible brake hoses would relieve enough pressure to help get those wheels rolling…

I had the same problem with my 1980 XJ6.
I tried everything to get the wheels to turn.
You will save yourself a lot for aggravation by just taking the calipers off.
They will need to be replaced anyway, guaranteed!
Foe the rest of your work please look up Kroil. and get a couple of cans. The stuff is pure magic as a penetrant and lube.
I sprayed it on all my brake lines and hoses and they all came loose! I didnt have to torch or visegrip any of them.

Hubcaps? Haven’t seen them in quite a while! But there may be some in the barn😁

It is out and on the trailer. A dirty day in a dirty garage. My first option was to get the calipers off to facilitate winching onto trailer. My eager helper got the wheels off and sprayed copious amounts of fluid over the discs. Jumping on breaker bar he got the wheels moving so good job there.
Dragged it out with my 4wd although it was difficult as the door was along the side so had a few goes to get the angle right.
Then we had to drag into the street between the buildings with 1 inch to spare each side.
Street is on a hill so safety was a problem. Anyway it is now secure and back to my parents house and will be travelling to Ireland on Monday.
I am missing the sunroof frame which could be an expensive issue? Hopefully the seller will find it somewhere in his storage attic.
It has clean oil in engine and red fluid in gearbox but won’t turn by hand but I am hopeful it is not seized. The carb floats are stuck of course.
I bought it knowing I needed subframe with power steering and hopefully heated rear window and the dash board wood for my California bodyshell rebuild. The engine alone would cover the purchase price. Exhaust is brand new and has 4 unused Dunlop Whitewall tyres. Dilemma is should I try to restore it or just take the parts I need and let someone else sort that restoration. I have a horrible feeling I have two restoration projects now.

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If over 6 years old… will make nice painting tires!