Barn Find? No clue. Help please

I don’t know if I am in the right spot, but yesterday I stumbled on this car. My eyes got big. I had no clue what it was BUT I knew what it could be. I am a huge car fan, but no expert. So I took pictures and then did a search and ended up here. Maybe you guys can tell me what I found. SS100 is what I was able to deduce. Real? Replica? No clue. Here are some pics. Thank you for any assistance! Have a great day!! Edit: I uploaded several pics but was informed new members may only upload one. So, here is the one pic.

Welcome EJ. It appears to be a fiberglass replica. There have been several different companies making replicas of various qualities. More pictures will help us figure out which one.

All we need is a pic of the front suspension: I think you are correct.