BAS UK: Simply communicate

I have been patiently waiting for my interior order from BAS UK. Advertised to take 6-8 weeks for completion from the time of order (30 May). I have emailed twice now and received nothing in return. Just looking for a status update.

Any one here have a POC there?

I am amazed. Ask for Steve Evans.

+44 (0)163 387 3664 .

I found them to not be strong on communication, but very reliable. They contacted me once to verify the order, then it just showed up about 6 weeks later.

If my math skills are up to snuff May 30th until today (June 26) is less than 4 weeks… Give them the time they quoted and then contact them if there is no action.


Thanks for the replies. I did receive an email this morning. No real update…but a promise to check on it and get back to me…that is all I am looking for.

The confirmed purchase date was 30 April…not 30 May as previously stated in error.

I will wait a reasonable amount of time…again…and see what comes my way…then perhaps ring Steve Evans. Thanks for that number Peter.

It will be worth the wait .
Bart Gessner was my contact


Thanks for the encouraging words Marco…as well as the additional contact info.

Marco, that email is not for BAS in Wales, UK. is a Canadian ISP - different company.

Oops, I believe I picked the wrong contact from the other BAS company from when I was pricing the kits. My apologies Dave.

I’ll look again but I didn’t make a mistake from whom I purchased the kit : BAS UK and …it is worth the wait

Thank you Peter


Email notification this morning that my order will “dispatch” on Monday!!

As advertised…6-8 weeks.

Same contact as Pete , I was also in contact with Tracy Evans as well.

Steve Evans

BAS International

01633 873664

Again, apologies for the confusion.