BAS XK120 Trim Kits

I was most surprised today to find out that BAS in Wales, and BAS in the USA are totally unconnected to each other, according to the lady in Wales I spoke to today. There is an excellent YouTube clip of the US company’s retrim kit for XK120 OTS, which goes into quite a bit of detail. Interestingly (for me!) the kit shown seems to be in the XK120 Tan that my car uses, not the lighter New Tan used from 1958 on. The quality looks to be very high - has anyone had experience using products from either firm? The company in Wales tells me tey can supply the early tan, and are sending samples.

I didn’t know that they were unconnected either. BAS Wales was one of the two companies on the short list for re-trimming my V12 E but I actually went with Aldridge because they were much nearer. I will definitely use Aldridge for the 140 as the job they did was superb but in the process I discovered that they get a lot of their materials from BAS in Wales including the absolutely correct specification carpet that BAS have re-manufactured and couldn’t be obtained anywhere else in the UK.


Eric I have a BAS interior in my 120 been there for almost 30 years… never lost a point on it yet in JCNA judging… Superb quality , excellent support… only thing I have heard… although it has never happened to me… They can be somewhat slow… If you are prepared to wait you wont be disappointed…

I got a BAS Wales carpet kit for the 120 a couple of months back, very nice kit and easy to self fit


I re-trimmed my XK with materials from BAS in 1996/97, at that time the company was located in British Columbia, but they have since moved to California. I assumed that it was a franchise of the UK company and didn’t realize that they are not connected. However, good quality stuff that has stood up well as you can see if you scroll down to the post “677577 1953 XK120 DHC” below.


This is a semi complete trim kit I purchased recently from BAS that was then custom fitted by our upholsterer.
I had no complaints or issues from the upholsterer regarding quality and fit.
Hope that helps.
Graham 669181


This is all very encouraging, guys. I feel very confident about ordering carpets and more from BAS Wales in the near future. Your 120 fhc interior looks superb, Graham!
I can’t help wondering if there must have been some connection between the two companies in the past, and the lady I spoke to was just not explaining… The guy speaking on the BAS USA YouTube video even had a Welsh accent!

Damn. That’s just flat georgeous!

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purchased a hoodlining kit 120FHC from BAS recently but material is nothing like the original west of england cloth originally fitted.
havn’t fitted it as yet

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graham the bolts holding bottom frame of seat to back frame of seat should be painted same colour as seats not chromed!

No, mine are chromed, on painted seat frames, and certainly appear to be original.

Wow, absolutely gorgeous!!

I am going to say this will be an introduced item ie your early car with grey painted frames versus a later car where the bolt was painted as well. When you look carefully at the frames you will note that the the entire base frame including adjuster and springs amd pivot pin etc is all painted as one item ie after it was assembled.

No, gotta disagree there. :smile:
You wouldn’t want the bottom and back frames to be assembled together before you go to upholstering the back, because the bottom would get in your way.
On mine the coil springs on the catch levers are black, and the screws holding the lever and the ball bearing runners to the bottom frame are unpainted.

certainly adjuster tracks always cad/zinc plated and the screws black.
Didn’t necessarily say that back of seat attached to base during trimming process but not impossible that it wasn’t these people were fitting sewn up covers by the dozens each day literally with their eyes closed, I have spent 1/2 day in trim shop c 1990 and they could literally up a seat cover whilst talking to you. And the more I think about it they were probably assembled which would help the fitting of foams and covers so they did all match _ have trimmed a few seats.
As to colour of springs on adjuster lever every late 120 FHC DHC and all XK140’s and 150’s the spiring pivot and split pin all painted grey after assembly. regards terry

There was no foam in mine, it was all wool and cloth and wood and carpet tacks and thick cardboard and screws.
It took me about a half day to do each one, even with a pre-sewn cover and a staple gun.