Batteries for XK120

Four years ago bought a set of Lucas reproduction batteries with AGM guts (read expensive). They fit nicely and worked just right under the original bakelite battery covers. I’ve kept a battery minder on them continuously (and it is the right battery tender for AGM batteries), but they are toast after four years. Not really wanting to do this again, but it’s a preservation class car and needs two batteries that fit into the existing wells and can be made to work with the bakelite covers.

Wondered what sorts of solutions folks have found?

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I’m wondering if this might have been a mistake. I have a Lucas AGM in my saloon and I charge it for a few hours every few months over the winters. The instructions say don’t use a trickle or maintainer or a charger lower than 8 amps or more than 12 amps because they do irreversible damage to an AGM battery.

Cliff, I agree with what Rob says about trickle chargers. My Odyssey PC925 is approaching 10 years of age. It has a disconnect to keep it isolated and for safety. It will totally maintain its charge with no trickle charging. After four to five months of Winter storage, I will connect the trickle charger and find that it will only charge for five minutes or so.

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Interesting comments. I checked the battery minder issue with the battery manufacturer before doing so. The battery minder is different from the trickle charger in that it is supposed to stop doing anything when the battery reaches full charge.

I use the same device on my BMW battery, which I don’t drive very often either. I was replacing that battery about every three years prior to using the minder and I’m now on well over 12 years without any other attention to the battery.

However, if you have had good luck with PC 925, I think I will switch to that battery. I’ll just have to figure out how to incorporate the Lucas battery covers and cables.

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It appears you’ve done some very nice restoration work on your xk120.

Cliff, the PC925 is small enough that it should be easy to cut some thin plywood of sheetaluminum to allow you to secure the original battery covers in position. Nobody need to know you have an Odyssey underneath. My PC925 ($160) is something like 8-9 years old and fine. I’ve never had a conventional battery ($100) go longer than 5-6 years. The deep cycle marine batteries ($100) in my trailer are all over 10 years old and seem to be working like new. I think they key point is few of us ever need 700CCA in a classic car. Therefore we don’t need the trade off of high CCA but short service life of a standard car battery.