Battery cables, was [xj] Tach and Idle Going Crazy

This is a good point – the ground and power cable lugs are not soldered, but
simply crimped. If acid & moisture has gotten in tehre over the years, the
connection will deteriorate. If you have a small torch, solder the lug to the

One way to test a cable is to measure the voltage drop across it while
cranking, or the resistance when not. The best thing is to measure from
battery terminals to starter (frame for -, solenoid contact for +). If you
measure resistance, either path from the battery terminals to starter should
be a lot less than .05 Ohms. This will appear almost 0 on most testers.–
79xj6L SII (BRG + wires)
86xj6 SIII (Black)
61 Sprite MkII (Red)
Menlo Park, Calif.

Bob Hudson wrote:


This was one of the symptoms for my car, too. I hooked up a “booster”
ground strap from the battery to the fender mounting (big 'ol thick
insulated copper wire) and ran it for a week or so.

Had to replace the battery ground cable. Caused all sorts of crazy stuff,
like dying on turns, cranking, putting it in gear, dying. Have had
replacement cable in for about 6 months or so. Not a whimper of a problem!

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