Battery Died replaced the battery now the car won't start

Hello everyone, about a year ago I relocated, in doing so I didn’t drive the Jag but once a week on my days off. Well I didn’t drive for about two weeks and when i went to start it the battery was dead, I made and attempt to jump it, the car cranked a bit lazy but didn’t turn over. Ok, I brought a new Battery yesterday (Premium Battery $400 900CCA) and and after installation, giving time for ECU etc. to power up/reboot, at the first attempt the car sounded like it wanted to turn over…then nothing. It just cranks and that’s it. Before the old battery went dead the car ran fine, no codes or anything, new battery won’t start, and I ran it for codes and now I’m getting the P1000 code. Huh?
I need help on what to do next. I’m desperate!!!
Any advice would be helpful, thank you!!!

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This is a long shot but have you tried pushing the accelerator pedal to the floor and cranking?
Depending on how many times you tried to start the car you may have flooded it, holding the throttle wide open shuts off the injectors.
If the engine is flooded it can take quite a while before it clears and catches.

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Thanks, but I never touched the accelerator pedal when starting my car, I just put the key in and it starts.

Not the point. If the car is flooded due to injectors firing but not igniting the engine needs to clear the cylinders.
Using WOT does that.
If you don’t want to try that’s your prerogative.

I’m taking all advice, and thank you Robin!! And I got it. So should I just leave it alone for a day or two? Honestly I didn’t know you can flood a fuel injected vehicle.
Its like its starving for fuel, it cranks well, I tried listening to see if the fuel pump was engaging, I didn’t hear it after tuning the ignition on. Checked the fuses, they are ok, checked the inertia switch, I don’t know what else to do.


I second that.

As Robin says, you have to floor the throttle, crank and keep going!! Your wrist may well start to ache owing to the amount of time you have the key twisted but keep going!! Be ready to lift off when she fires, obvs! :slight_smile:

As to avoid flooding in future, always run these cars - or indeed any F.I. car - for at least 2 minutes. It’s so tempting to e.g. jump in, move the car, then jump out. Don’t!

Honestly guys, I’m not hearing the fuel pump kick in when I turn the ignition.

Have you tried swapping the relay with one its neighbours?

Yes I did. I also ordered an ohm meter to check the relays individually, should be here today. I’ll keep you posted.