Battery fixation MK IV DHC 1948


How exactly the battery was origanlly fixed on the battery plate, was there a rubber mat underneath?
was the battery hold by a corner iron?
Thanks for some pics
herewith picture of what I have at this moment
rgds Polti



The original battery case had a lug at each end with a hole through which that long hold-down screws go through. I don’t know about the mat.


(Ed Nantes) #3

There was no mat and no bridging piece between the two rackets. The battery was gigantic and had 2 lugs formed as part of the rubber case. Sadly the cases are hard to find as silly buggers threw them out when they were easily rebuildable
I thought the LHD DHC had the later arrangement of the smaller battery in the centre of the firewall on a more conventional mounting This is what my 1947 saloon has.

This , although a 1940 model is more the style of the late DHCs [ I think all MK IV DHCs were ’ late’


Here’s a picture of my rebuilt battery