Battery holder 420G

My blue G has a unique/rare/later battery tie down frame. The one that prevents the battery from moving. On the front end it has the normal long hook with a wing nut above the frame, but on the rear end it has a welded ”hook” that sits under the angled slot on the fire wall.
This is very easy to slip under the slot vs fiddling with a short hook very tight between the fire wall and battery. (My maroon G has this).
Have others got this intelligent battery holder? It does not look like a home made modification.

cant help you, despite looking and wrecking 2, mine came without, still without.

Probably the only original 420G part I do not have (plus non-standard exhaust)

I use a smaller S1XJ battery holder. The “correct” one is for the larger 12" battery

Check the parts manual pictures?