Battery Leakage defies diagnosis

I have a 3 amp leakage current on my 2007 X-Type 2.2D.
I have pulled all the fuses and relays in the fuse box to the side of the battery and disconnected the multi pin connector behind the fuse box then waited 60 minutes for everything to power down.
Still have the same 3 amp leakage current.
Any ideas on what to try next would be really appreciated

Found the glove box fuse box. Fuses F45 (2 amp leakage) and F44 (rises to 3.5 amp leakage) seem to be the issue. Need to be pulled for 30+ minutes for leakage current to stop. Car won’t start without them installed. No dash lights except passenger seatbelt warning and no starter motor. Battery is new and fully charged