Battery retainer clamp

I need a battery retainer for a 1995 facelift XJS. Mine was missing when I bought the car so I do not know exactly what it looks like. I can slip the battery into the tray and locate it at the back but I need to stop it from moving rearwards The attached pic might help. Thanks - a part number would be helpful

It’s not a very complicated piece of kit.
The problem with making one is it’s very stout metal with several bends and dimples to keep it from distorting under load.
Wouldn’t be surprised if you could not find one at a parts store.
I have a complete battery tray and clamp laying around somewhere.

Thanks .I do not need the tray, but if you can find the clamp and mail it to me I will happily pay a reasinable fee plus postage costs

Dorman has a universal wedge. Check on AutoZone

Many thanks to all for your help and suggestions. Fortunately I have manged to locate the battery clamp/retainer here in the UK so that problem is solved. I may be able to get the BEC128106 fasteners made by 3-D printing, but if not I can work around that issue . Thanks again

Sorry - I meant the BEC 18106 fasteners