Battery School time!

This is very informative and useful if you read and scroll down.
Dennis 69 OTS


My question is how do you tell whether a charger is a for wet or gel?

Gels require a slightly lower voltage so there can be a setting. See the AGM option on the charger photo attached. In the photo the option is for wet cell motorcycle, wet cell car, gel and then a recondition mode that helps desulphate the batteries lead plates
Dennis 69 OTS


My 50 year old Sears Craftsman charger doesn’t have that option.

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:joy::joy:I have two. O e about 8 years old and it may, but the other is 30 yo and likes yours doesn’t

Yeah, my older unit was not that old. Schumacher. A friendly tech there explained the difference. Sold the old for almost what I paid for it. It looked and functioned as new. Bought a “Smart” charger. Schumacher also. Works swell. No gel batteries around now???

A dumb charger can be "fooled"in to charging a gel

Use a discharged lead acid, in series between the charger and the discharged gel unit…

Never needed to try that. read of it here, decades ago!!1

Carl .