Battery size for E type

This is the most comprehensive listing I’ve seen:

Layne explained what the R means. A group number followed by the letter “R” means the terminals are reversed* when facing the battery with poles at rear of the battery from you, the Neg pole is on right.* If there is no R following the group number the negative terminal is on the left.

Hi Dennis, it’s not just the size that matters, but the cranking amps which is the most important…

I do understand that but I have found that most batteries of that physical size seem to have enough


Lots of these mentioned battery’s will work ,lower batteries go in past the heater motor easier. I think group 35 is amore common size ( battery)and therefore cheaper fits fine on my car

Yeah, that big Optima was a pain. The Group 26 much easier fit in and out, and plenty of amps.

I learned about batteries when I had a big boat :rowing_woman: could have flown in a lot of cold beer for what I spent on batteries. In a nut shell they have so many amp hrs in them from new . If they discharge more than 25% their life is reduced so you want to keep them above 75% for best life That’s their sweet spot .
Discharge them more and suffer accelerated battery degradation
If I get 7 years out of a battery I’m happy :blush: it’s hard on alternators running weak battery’s
I’ve load tested battery’s
Used a hydrometer
Charged them
Ready to go all good

Come to use the car a month later …dead …:man_shrugging:
Batteries seem to last 3-11 years luck of the draw Ymmv