BB Protective rims

(Ken Rubin) #1

My 02 XKR convertible has the BB protective rims to keep the occasional curbing damage away from the wheels. I have 3 that I would like to replace. Anyone out there “been there, done that” ??

Ken in WV by golly !!

(baxtor) #2

Assuming you are speaking of BBS wheel trims, l have done them in the past and unfortunately just 2 days ago damaged another.
It was an easy enough job (Google the intructions) but some owners have had trouble with the bolt removal. Important not to overtighten those bolts when reassembling.
Not cheap.

(Ken Rubin) #3

Thanks for your reply. I have 18" tires and am “assuming” the rim protectors would be the same size ??
Also, you mention, not cheap ?? I see various prices around $70.00 each, some less !!
Where do you buy and how much (if you don’t mind me asking)
How long did it take you to do the first one ??

Merry Christmas

(baxtor) #4

Sorry Ken, did not realise you had 18" wheels.
Mine are the 20" and two trims delivered come out at around $200 AUD each.

(Ken Rubin) #5

Not a problem… thanks. Good info anyway…