BBS wheels on a XJS?

Hello all, I hail from the XJ forum.
A neighbor is about to send his best up V12 XJS to the scrap heap.
I am thinking of salvaging the wheels to fit to my XJC.
They look like BBS and I am wondering if these were a legit Jaguar mount or if they are an after market mount, possibly even “fake” BBS.
Would anyone here have some guidance?
Thank you.

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I like the split rim BBS wheels, but they are more Germanic then British, if they are genuine, I’m sure they will have BBS written on them somewhere… In any case it worth taking them as someone will want these for their E30 beemer as Jaguar never fitted these, they fitted these ones in 15" and 16" on the XJ-S

Question; is that a recent photo as the car looks far to good to go to the scrapper…

the car looks like a XJ-RS, so quite different from a standard V12, and someone could be interested in saving it instead of scrapping (if it’s a real one, not only a standardd V12 with body kit)

the VIN number would tell, it’s worth checking before he dumps it, not only for the wheels

Hard to tell form the photo but if all of those bolts around the face of the wheel are legit then they may be truly 3 piece wheels which can obviously be separated. What size wheels are they?

XJR-S? Interesting. But I doubt.
How would I know? You mention engine number?

(I can smell another project coming along… and I need one like I need to catch the Rona…)

If it is an XJR-S its worth preserving, they only made a few hundred, I think something like 600/700. If you open the bonnet and note the VIN number on the black cross member support you can find out from Jaguar heritage trust. An easier way to tell is that it should have bigger air intakes (I think with TWR stamped on them), twin exhausts on either side and colour coded four spoke steering wheel & gear lever with contrast piping on the front seats. My initial though is that it is not a XJR-s because of the slightly different side skirts…but I’m no expert. In the UK a well preserved XJR-S will go for double that of a normal XJ-s coupe. Hope it is!

I see no twin exhausts and the steering wheel is a beat-up Nardi.

It does look good with that body kit and the quadruple headlights.

May be I save it and sell / give away the salvageable parts. I only want the wheels and the seats and maybe the IRS assembly.

I don’t know what its like in the US for spares but in the UK this would be turned in to a cash cow… the body kit would easily go and you’d get decent value, as would the engine and various parts that are now becoming scarce, even failed Rads are going for over £100… Good luck Eric and keep us posted.


Interesting, however I never fancied s career as a car wrecker :slight_smile:

It does look like an XJR-S, but TWR did offer different levels of modification to the early cars before they got involved with JaguarSport. It may just be the body kit, with no suspension or engine mods. Still desirable for someone I would have thought, rather than scrapping it.


Well I ended up buying this very car from Craigslist.

I’m also in Mountain View, Eric.



That excellent, glad someone saved it, is it really a TWR??? What need doing to it?

Ha, well done! We have too many projects in the end… We do our wrenching in Sunnyvale, Saturday mornings: XJC, XJ8, DB7, C4, Mustang, Land Rovers. Send me pm if you want to connect.

I’m 98.49135% sure, no, 97.222222% sure, that it is a standard XJS that was fitted with the TWR body kit awhile ago, possibly right after being purchased. It’s purely just the body kit. Mechanically I think it’s all a stock V-12.

So my initial assessment: it’s overheating, has a vacuum leak near the distributor, has oil burning near 6b, power steering needs some love. There are cosmetic issues: badly cracked dash and console, paint is rough, front bumper needs some love.

And of course those BBS wheels are interesting. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them. That’s how I found this thread, actually, from googling “BBS wheels jaguar XJS” :slight_smile:

Hey, Eric, yeah I’d love to meet up. I just try do a little bit of wrenching each night after the kids go to bed. I also have a 67 VW and a 75 Jeep Cherokee that, you know, constantly fall apart.

LOL, I can’t figure out how to send you a direct message.

I sent you a private message.

Yes probably a sport pack. Mine has the twr kit. I didn’t put the side trim on as to boxy. It was offered as someone said as sports upgrade after twr made their ones. There is no way to tell if original twr as jaguar lost all the twr paperwork on what ones were actually twr and not just kits. I have tried as mine is the correct year and correct vin.

I think mine is sports pack though. Apparently the twr stamp could be anywhere on car not all were the same. But the bigger intakes is one possibility. Mine also has the blistien suspension and uprated gear box and xjr s front seats

Most twr’s were two tone as well.
Apparently mines fairly rare as its the xjs-c and also a four seater. If it was a twr even better!! :joy:

But as others have said the kit alone will be worth a few quid.


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I would love to buy those BBS wheels from you. I have a set of brand new refinished Celebration 16” wheels if interested or I can pay cash.

Hi Jeff, do you still have the BBS RS’s from this car? I’m curious to know what the RS # of them are. Thanks!