Be Cool Radiator Problem - Kind of a Redux on Earlier Radiator post

Hello, All.
Re: 1990 12 cyl.
Sorry for the New Topic but I don’t know how to put a “continuation spin” on my prior post re: Single Pass radiators.
The Be Cool radiator fittings for the automatic transmission lines are not compatible with the transmission lines.
Anybody solved this mis-match ?
I don’t want to cut the XJS lines if I don’t have to.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro

Ahoy !
My brother is trying to install a BeCool on 1990 V12. It is not a drop-in/some mods for Jaguar V-12 as advertised. More trouble than it is worth.In hindsight, he would have research other alternatives.
Auto Trans Lines: Be Cool Tech Service is clueless. My brother purchased the the correct fitting from Wizard who knew exactly what is needed. Appears to be available from McMaster-Carr; however, my brother did not measure threads prior to installation.
BeCool $$$ “T” is not an easy fit for, among reasons, it is not a “T” in in a single plane. Yes, much modification to fan shroud and, even the top rail for the banjo fittings.
I’ve not yet attempted replacing the radiator.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro; U.S.A.